• i am krispy

  • i love coffee

  • i write blogs

  • i sell stuff

  • i am a dad

  • shoot paintballs

  • i live in london

  • i play video games

  • i like tv

i am krispy

i am a dedicated blogger located in London, Canada. I am a geek and a sales guy. But while all of this combines to make me what I am, not a single trait defines me.

what i do?

i make blogging, writing and selling look easy.



The Mobile World we live in has enabled each of us to connect in so many wonderful ways



Being a Geek is a full time gig...it is not just a choice, it is a calling.



Family first...I may be a "part time" Dad because of circumstance but I am a full time father!

How about Some Fun Facts about krispy?

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Great Kid

If leaders are to be followed, it starts with clarity of message.

— Jeffry Gitomer —

the many faces of krispy

Professional ethics are at the core of what makes krispy stand out from the crowd.

Who is krispy?

Many things make up the man behind the Rants



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kombat krispy


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kombat krispy

daddy krispy

never wait

krispy is all about the next generation of information Skills do not just improve you have to build upon them...EVERY DAY!


To be able to pull multiple all night coding and learning sessions it takes far more than just will power to make it through the night.  Nature’s gift to us all is a hot cup of Java

How krispy Likes his Coffee?
  • Hot
  • Black
  • Strong
  • More


krispy has had many jobs over the years, each requiring new skills to be developed.  This constant learning has established a direction of constant skill improvement.

How does krispy know so much?
  • Insomnia
  • Observant
  • Determined
  • Adaptive


With targets always moving knowing more than the next guy is not enough.  Focus comes from having goals and living and working towards achieving them.

How does krispy stay focused
  • Coffee
  • Family
  • Dreams
  • Goals

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Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.

— Linus Torvalds —

what can krispy do

krispy is available to build new connections and never rest on past success.


Writing and Researching is what has fueled many a sleepless night…why should you do it yourself when krispy can do it for you

  • Research
  • White Papers
  • Reviews
  • Evaluations


krispy is all about open information and sharing what he has accumulated is a big part of who he is.

Open Content
  • All Sources Provided
  • Open Data Model
  • Multi-format
  • Creative Comons


Content is KING but service is the QUEEN and knowing that the balance of both rules far better than a single source.

Brand Alignment
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what krispy's customers and colleagues say

  • Chris provides thorough impartial consultation that embraces current best practices and trends. His timeliness is second to none. He’s a true pleasure to work with and solid results are assured. A force multiplier.

    — Mark 'Bubba' Lennerton —
  • Chris embodies all the skills necessary to be a resounding success. His ability to quickly identify a problem and decompose it to the critical elements is second to none

    — Dan Dimjasovics —
  • Chris has provided more and more services in a very timely manner.  He is a great resource and asset to our organization, department, and me.   His knowledge, passion, and work ethic are stellar.  His personal integrity speaks loudly…

    — Carolyn Gilbertson —
  • Chris is not an Account Manager that pushes sales, but prefers to understand your issues, challenges and helps over come them. Like me he loves talking about technology, game changers and trending, a true value add sales person and geek!

    — Keith Bucknall —
  • Chris has always demonstrated an unsurpassed passion for business development and customer service.  He has also demonstrated an unwillingness to expect anything less than the best of himself, and he has been a tireless champion of making processes and the people around him able to work at an optimal level. 

    — James McCloskey —
  • I’ve been engaging in conversations that are at the edge of what we do in providing information services to our customers. Chris is a generalist but he has great depth in many areas of the stack and is particularly adept at the “marketing” of IT. He is a gentleman that you will like and trust.

    — Walt Carter —



London, ON, CA

The Blog - aka The Rants

This is what made "krispy" well, "krispy". Enjoy

  • The Tug of Loneliness – Good, Bad and Indifferent

    26 Jun 0 Comments

    It is funny how over all my years on this planet that I thought that I was an independent soul that really didn’t need anyone else.  Sure I came from a big family (4 brothers and an extended family that could fill a small town), had lots of friends growing

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  • The Quest for Universal Connectivity

    06 Jun 0 Comments

    I have been lucky enough to be able to have basically unlimited connectivity nearly every where that I typically go and for the most part, my personal internet expenses run around $120 per month (that is with my Cable Internet at home and the “unlimited” Wind Mobile Internet for my

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  • My “Universary” – Uneventful but Enjoyable

    02 Jun 0 Comments

    It may seem counter intuitive to celebrate the end of something but for me the end of one thing was the beginning of something else.  1 year ago yesterday I ventured off on my own, no second pay check, no back up and very little support.  I was faced with

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  • Is Elon Musk Right?

    29 May 0 Comments

    Like many people out there, I watched the Tesla Energy Keynote speech by Elon Musk with bated breath wondering what insight and future breakthrough would be announced. The way that Elon just so simply puts it…the way we do things just sucks.  We produce power in the “cheapest way possible”

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  • It’s Amazing What a Little Sleep Can Do

    27 May 0 Comments

    A quick Health Update about some of my ongoing challenges and struggles. Psoriasis While it my latest flare up is far from subsided, my Family Doctor prescribed some oral steroids to calm down the mess that has become my daily life of applying lotions, potions and creams and still being

    Read More →

  • Building a Home Server – For My Tiny Home (the TinyCloud)

    26 May 0 Comments

    As I have been posting recently, I will be embarking on a plan to go “Tiny” and over the next few years will be migrating my life from a 500 sq ft apartment to a sub 200 sq ft Tiny Home (which will be completely mobile).  My reasoning for this,

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Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

— Albert Einstein —


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