The Rants

Whether it be the current incarnation of the technical words over at www.krispysbytes.org or the far more personal meanderings here…the Rants are part of what and who I am.

The topics will vary but the focus is always the same…if I say it here…I mean it!


The Geek

What makes me a Geek?  Maybe my deep seeded love of Science Fiction, Role Playing Games and Computers?

I wear my Geek on my sleeve literally but at the end of the day being a Geek is more than a state of mind, it is a way of life.


The Father

Nothing in this world makes me more proud than seeing my daughter grow up into a wonderful young woman.

While I only see her on weekends, my love is a 24/7 thing and when she is near…I am that much stronger!


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linux for luddites

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