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"Destructo Kitty"

Normally when one thinks of a kitten one thinks of a gentle, loving bundle of joy but our Double Stuffed little Oreo has become the bane of my existence!  The total destructive bill in the past 2 weeks has been enough to have me wonder if having Kitty Stew for Sunday dinner may be in order! We were out last night visiting my father in law and partaking in a little “Fellow shipping” around the camp fire and got home about 11:30.  All was good, the dog and the cat greeted us with kind “meows” and a soft little “bark” but not 1 hour later there came a thunderous crash from the basement.   I went to look and found the shelf that holds our family’s key to the internet and my NAS device that holds ALL of our media (movies, tv shows, videos, music, 4 years of photos, all the files from 12 different computers and more than 400 Linux OS ISO) had been pulled down by the latest edition of our Family!   What will I do?  Not … Read more

Google Tries, Microsoft Flopped, RIM Failed but can Alibaba do it?

I just got an interesting alert that there may be a new hired gun in town when it comes to doing battle with Apple for global dominance of the Mobile market!  For most people Alibaba is best known as a Steak House in Kitchener Waterloo, ON or the leader of the medieval Arabic fabled 40 Thieves but for those who had done any thinking of creating an import business is a resource for Chinese Manufacturers and Distributors to get their wares to the global market place.

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The End for RIM, Electric Paper AirPlanes and Smart Phones

There has been a lot of speculation about the imminent demise of another Canadian Tech Giant with the layoff of 2,000 jobs at Waterloo, ON company Research in Motion (RIM).  The fate of this Southern Ontario king of all things Tech has not been finalized and shifts in senior leadership as well as the realignment within their development teams…besides it could be worse, their next phone could be:

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Good and "FOSSy" – Part 2

Yesterday I looked at the Consumerization of IT and the entrance of the iPhone, iPad and other consumer devices into regular rotation for accessing the Enterprise Networks.  The Cloud has become the great equalizer, whether it is the Private or Public Cloud, many of the great things that we take for granted needing to be installed and maintained by IT are now provided by 3rd parties and “as a Service”.

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Good and "FOSSy" – Part One

It seems like ages ago but back on July 12 (the best day of the year…bar none) I wrote a post looking to the Free Loader Factor within the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Community.  In the next couple of days I want to dive into how the concept of Open Source has entered into the world of Enterprise IT, what the benefits and what the ramifications are.  Today I will look at some of the things that have moved us towards the brave new world of “Everything as a Service” but tomorrow it is into how to protect your “hard earned data” from this FOSS invasion.

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Sales People and Superstitions

For those who know me they know that I am very methodical and analytical.  I look to my statistics and past performance and identify areas of opportunity and growth.  What those same people may not realize is that there are several things that I do that are based on some rather irrational superstitions and rituals that to some may border on OCD.  I have never been a superstitious person, walking under a ladder…no biggie; black cat crossing my path…doesn’t phase me but since getting into the Sales Profession…many things have crept into my life that leave me wondering just how many other sales people go through similar rituals.


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What will tomorrow bring?

In a constant battle of self discovery/improvement I look to tomorrow as more than just the day after today.  Technology has made it possible for me to be able to look at my efforts today and forecast what the likely outcome of tomorrow will be but that is only if all things remain equal!  Having a forecast of likely outcomes has helped me to maintain a solid positive mental outlook on things even when it seems like the world around me is ready to collapse.

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Conditioned Air…Life is good!

With our luck, now that we have an Air Conditioner the summer will be over, no more heat and we will have no use for the Air Conditioner we bought yesterday but the fact that it physically sucked the humidity out of our living areas in less than one hour yesterday is truly a testament to modern technology.  While A/C may not be a technology that I would ever really think about…after the sweltering heat this week I wanted to give a great big shout out to those who have helped make this 109 year old technology both affordable and capable of changing our lives!

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Good News…I didn't melt yesterday!

As the mercury rose to a new record 36.4 C (97.2 F) and the heat index pushed that the way that temperature felt to above 40 C…I need to buy a t-shirt that says “I survived Heat-agedon!”  I can honestly say that for my colleagues in the Toronto office of where I work…I feel sorry for your commute home as the Heat index pushed the thermometer up to 51 C (123 F).

The good news is…while the weekend will remain hot…it is gonna be much more seasonal!  Records were set across my beautiful province and the results from Environment Canada show 19 reporting cities experienced new Records in Ontario.

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