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"Destructo Kitty"

Normally when one thinks of a kitten one thinks of a gentle, loving bundle of joy but our Double Stuffed little Oreo has become the bane of my existence!  The total destructive bill in the past 2 weeks has been enough to have me wonder if having Kitty Stew for Sunday dinner may be in…

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How do you turn off all connections or better yet…should I???

I find myself wondering what I did before I became so darn Social?   Even being fortunate enough to be one of the first round of Google+ testers!

Google Tries, Microsoft Flopped, RIM Failed but can Alibaba do it?

I just got an interesting alert that there may be a new hired gun in town when it comes to doing battle with Apple for global dominance of the Mobile market!  For most people Alibaba is best known as a Steak House in Kitchener Waterloo, ON or the leader of the medieval Arabic fabled 40…

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The End for RIM, Electric Paper AirPlanes and Smart Phones

There has been a lot of speculation about the imminent demise of another Canadian Tech Giant with the layoff of 2,000 jobs at Waterloo, ON company Research in Motion (RIM).  The fate of this Southern Ontario king of all things Tech has not been finalized and shifts in senior leadership as well as the realignment…

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Good and "FOSSy" – Part 2

Yesterday I looked at the Consumerization of IT and the entrance of the iPhone, iPad and other consumer devices into regular rotation for accessing the Enterprise Networks.  The Cloud has become the great equalizer, whether it is the Private or Public Cloud, many of the great things that we take for granted needing to be…

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