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Samsung to Buy WebOS???

Well the world of mobile OS is in a tizzy right now.  There are rumours that Samsung and LG are being pressured by the South Korean Government to drop Android and support the development of a new mobileOS that is home grown in South Korea.  Not this is just a rumour but it would actually start to make sense that outwardly the Mobile Handset Powerhouses are looking some where else other than Google now that Motorola is part of the direct wheel house of Google.

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Technology Purge – only to make room for new Toys

Some news made it to my inbox yesterday that will allow me to really crank my Geek Factor up by at least 12 next week.  Unfortunately it will come at the expense of saying goodbye to some old Tech Friends from my home.

I have been plotting and visiting the components of a new Desktop Machine for about 4 months now and the time has come to birth the mother of all PCs on the world around me.

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Invest in the Bank of YOU!

With the economy in the toilet and the price of Gold at record highs it would be simple for me to say…pull all your savings and invest in Gold, not just the investment but in buying actual Gold pieces and putting them away for safe keeping.  This would help safeguard yourself from any impending global meltdown but the purpose of this post is not how to squirrel away money, gold or other property…the First National Bank of YOU is a Knowledge Bank and its reserves are not based on Gold Bullion or Property but on the amount of accessible knowledge you can apply to your life.

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Summer is almost over

There is always a sadness when the dog days of summer come to an end.  Amazingly as much complaining as we Canadian’s do about the heat, we miss it terribly when the Winter Lows come and we are buried under 5 feet (1.5 meters) of snow but there is a defined change here in Canada as the Autumn / Fall starts.

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