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It's been a while…but here is a bit of the Geek in me

The inner geek in me is always trying to find a way to permanently come out to roost but then there is that lonely conservative voice that resides in the back of my mind telling me to conform to the standards.

Focus on Productivity…not on Spinning ones Wheels

A while back I posted that I spend 25 DAYS yes that is right, 36,000 minutes dealing with E-mail communications each year, so I have been hard at work to find a better way of dealing with the onslaught of 7,000 emails per week.  I did find some really cool looking Mac Applications that would…

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A Mobile Showdown, Apple iTV and Why is Everyone giving Google+ the Middle Finger?

As we close out 2011 and enter into a new year there are two dominating Mobile OSes out there and a few that continue to straggle along.  iOS from Apple and Android from Google contribute to 69% of the total market share for mobile devices and Google itself has seen a dramatic increase in popularity…

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Life in a Virtual World

The more we hear about Virtualization and Collaboration and The Cloud I can’t help but feel that while we are more connected to one another…it is just not the same.

HR hits the Mobile Space

I am no HR Professional but I found an interesting new HR Audit App from  In looking over the site I soon realized that as a document provider…it is pretty solid although more than a little ambiguous about their product offerings.  I downloaded their HR Audit App on my Samsung and started through their…

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Social Business – What Next???

Everyone and everything is going Social and the business world is embracing the Social Enterprise very quickly.  Regardless of the use of Social Media to connect to new and existing clients, better connect and support employees or just to jump on the bandwagon, the Social Enterprise has gone from Fad to Superstar this year.  

Converting my Library

I have been an onscreen reader for years and a collector of PDFs for years but now I find myself in an untenable position of having nearly 4,000 books that are all but unreadable on my new Kindle.  I am not about to go back out and buy these or resource them in the native…

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What will your 2012 bring?

There is just a few days left in 2011.  What a wild year it has been, ups and downs of emotions and great things have happened to me and to my family and much of my personal and professional gains can be directly connected to the people and places that I have connected through this…

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Intel chips in Next Gen Smartphones, Firefox to enter the Mobile OS market and Will Windows8 be Microsoft's Swan Song

The world of Mobility is going through yet another transformation in the coming months.  The hardware seems to get better and better and the need for anything more than a  Tablet and SmartPhone are becoming harder and harder to justify.  For myself, while I love the fact that I can multitask and switch between reading…

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SOPA and Patent Law…what is wrong with American Law Makers?

As we come to the most magical time on earth with nearly 2.5 Billion people around the world celebrating some sort of Holiday in the next week I can’t help but feel a little miffed with my neighbors to the South.  Here in Canada there is much talk about the step away from Democracy with…

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