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Finding a Mentor

When I started my sales career I was really raw and beyond my time of selling my own services as a business owner I did not have the experience in the world of Professional Selling that I needed.  I was fortunate enough to be surrounded and welcomed by a great bunch of consummate professionals that…

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The World of Digital Darwinism

With the word that RIM and the Blackberry name is now officially on the market another piece of Canadian Technology Innovation (first Nortel and Corel) seems to be coming to an end.  Is this a case of Digital Darwinism at its best?  Are we seeing survival of the fittest moving at the speed of electrons…

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When Cloud Storage transforms to Cloud OS

I find it interesting that one of the oldest Online Storage (oops Cloud Storage) providers continues to reinvent what it is and how it operates.  I have been peeling back the layers of Cloud Computing this week and what I am finding is that there is some incredibly robust and solid performers that started off…

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What happen when the Cloud Goes Away?

The Cloud comes with many benefits but it also presents its own set of challenges and cautions.  With the ability to easily scale and the low or no barrier for entry there is always the position that what is here today will be gone tomorrow.  It is not just the fly by night start ups…

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Wrangling the Cloud

There is a general interpretation that the Cloud is a way for business units to go around the IT Department and provision services without the consent, knowledge or support of the Technology Experts.  While this certainly does happen there is many ways that IT Leaders can step up to the plate and direct the show…

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