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3 Links for IT Geeks Like Me 05-26-12

This Weeks Edition of the Links for IT Geeks Like Me takes us down a journey of interesting tidbits from the world of Android, Business Intelligence and Coding.

So You Want to Be a Programmer

Blogger Jeff Atwood stirred up a bit of a hornets nest when he published another Blog Post Please Don’t Learn to Code but in this rebuttal he clarifies a few things that he is not against people learning to Code and Program but is against the concept that everyone should know how to do it.  Worth the read of both Articles.

(Editorial) The Life and Trials of Android: A Beautiful Mess That Is Destined To Survive

The beauty of this Editorial from our friends over at Android Police is the Info-Graphic at the end of the Article that displays the “The Patent Wars: The Convoluted Battlefield of Tech IP” but in the Article, Aaron Gingrich lays out that the fragmentation of Android could lead to its demise but is also part of its strength.  Market Share will be the problem because of the competition is focused on stability and hegonomy of the underlying code.  Apple with its 5 Phones and 3 Tablets, Microsoft with no Tablets Yet but a healthy partnership with Nokia growing stronger every day in anticipation of Windows 8 and RIM for all its problems has its own Hardware and nothing else.

5 Things CIOs should know about Big Data

Joab Jackson from IDG News Service opens the door to a better understanding of the catch all phrase that is destined to be and ubiquitous as “The Cloud” in the next few years.  Big Data is not just about the Volume of Data but also about the location, new skills and the long term effects that it will have on Business Decision Making.  Better yet an honorable mention should go out to Tricia Aanderud and her Blog Post over at titled “Watson is Going to Take My Job!

The Weekend is upon us and to my American Friends…enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.


Chris J Powell

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