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A Brave New World – the World of the Phablet

As many of you already know I have been rather hard on my Galaxy Phones over the past year, bricking 2…yes 2 Samsung Galaxy S2 over a 3 month period and have had to resort back to my first SmartPhone the Motorola Milestone.  I do not hide the fact that I love the little Android and even though I own an iPad2…it is not my first choice and would gladly get rid of it for the right price!

With that being said and my experiments in hacking the core of Samsung’s products now behind me, I am looking to replace my dated and only partially functioning phone with something that is much more.  Recently there has been a new classification of SmartPhones that have hit the market that are a crossover between a Phone and a Tablet.  My interest in a Phablet is really because of two distinct issues that I have with both the iPad and every 10″ Tablet that I have tested, and the downfall of most SmartPhones I have seen in the past 18 months

  1. The iPad is great, it is portable it is mobile and lets me do 60% of what I would do on a desktop but it is not right for every situation and is in many ways oversized
  2. The SmartPhone is great but whether it be the iPhone or one of the multitude of Android options out there…in general…the screen is just too small to become a replacement option for mobile computing.

Some of you may say that the next generation of Android phones are growing in size to become as close to a Phablet without crossing over into that space and I would agree, the Samsung S3 is going to have a 4.8″ screen the HTC One X has a 4.7″ screen the LG Optimus X also sports a 4.7 ” screen.  I was surprised to find that both Nokia (with the Lumia 900) and Sony (with the Xperia Arc S) have crossed the 4″ threshold each with a 4.3″ screen.  But these devices don’t fully cross over the bridge and bring the best of both worlds to my mobile computing experience.

As I start my search and do all my research on what will be my next Mobile Device I can’t help but be drawn to the Samsung Galaxy Note.  It really does change the game and places a focus not just on Content Consumption but also on the creation.  There are a few other real competitors in the space (LG Optimus Vu, Blu Studio 5.3 and even Lenovo is getting into the game with their LePad S2005).

I have had more than a few people say that a 5″+ phone is just too big…but I rarely use the actual phone feature of the device that I have (beyond texting) so the phone itself rarely goes up to my ear.  With a 5″ device it still fits comfortably in the front pocket of a suit or the pant’s pocket of a comfy pair of jeans but when it is brought into action…it is ready for work or play.  It has a far better camera than my iPad and lets be honest…the iPad is just too darn big to be used as a Camera, it is pocket sized but still large enough to read books, surf the web and with some external connectors can become an alternate or full desktop replacement (HDMI Smart Adapter).

So I will be making the move in the coming weeks, but as my lovely wife has told me…no NEW phone until the iPad is gone…so I now start on the quest of ridding myself of the Apple chains and return to the “green” pastures of Android life.


Chris J Powell

3 thoughts on “A Brave New World – the World of the Phablet

  1. I agree that the Android phones are far superior. I find it much easier to get free apps and to do the things I need to do. I think the biggest flaw of the iPad is its lack of ports -USB ports and a cd/dvd/blue ray drive. Yeah… with a good wireless network, there is little need. However, there ARE times when it really would be useful to pay disks or hook up to externals.

    • Well…I was hoping to have it go Local (to a co-worker) as it is branded with my work. Hoping to get $400 so that I can wipe out the remaining balance on my current Galaxy S II debacle.

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