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A Day Off – But Why?

School starts for countless thousands tomorrow but today, it is the unofficial end of Summer…Labour Day.  The funny thing about holidays, there is a history to them all.  Christmas is about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Easter about his Resurrection, Remembrance Day about those who gave their lives defending our Freedom…but what about Labour Day?


I am not a fan of Labour Unions and personally think that they have outlived their usefulness in a modern society.   Sure, they are there to protect workers rights…but the reality is, in my humble opinion, they force undo hardships on the rest of us who are not fortunate enough to have the protection of a union in our work places.  Sure a Unionized Employee makes more money, has more job stability and has extra protections (and can go on strike if the employer does not live up to the collective bargaining agreement) but as we enter sit through the 120th Labour Day here in Canada…what have Unions done for us lately?  Should there be a day of celebration for the inflation and higher consumer prices that they bring to us all?

Am I just griping because I don’t have a Union…no I have worked for Unions in the past and in all honesty hated the experience.

My experience with Unions is that they protect the lazy while holding back those with ambition.  For those fortunate enough to have a job in a place where a union is in place, they are “protected” until such time as the employer can not make a profit because the wage/expense of the business is too much.

The concept of Labour Unions was all fine and dandy back in the infancy of the Industrial Revolution and they have brought about some great things for all of us.

But as we now live in a Global Economy…do Unions really have the “Workers Rights” as their primary goal…or are Unions just a way to pad the pockets of an elite few like:

  • Paul Moist – President of CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees representing 628,000 members)
  • Jerry Dias – President of UNIFOR (New Union of Canadian Auto Workers and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Unions representing 300,000 members)
  • Robyn Benson – President of PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada representing 172,000 members)

From what I can tell, these three Presidents, representing more than 1.1 million members each earn substantially more than the average Union Employee ever could hope to…and these Unions have become far more powerful than they should ever have been allowed to become, exerting control and influence over how their members vote in municipal, provincial and federal elections all the while taking money from the members to keep their own power.

Sure, Unions have done good things, I like my vacation time, my 40 hour work week and minimum wage would not exist without Unions…but what about the fact that in the past  years, these Unions contributed directly to the closing of factories in the city I live in costing our economy thousand of current and future jobs.

When will it be time for something better than organized labour?  You see, I could never work for a Union and would gladly make less money every day than to have to line the pockets with blood money…but that is just me…because as long as the Union can still get Blood Money from the worker, the employer and our own government…they will continue to be what they are…Parasites!

So for that I wish everyone a Happy Day Off.  Sure you don’t have to worry about crawling into dangerous machines and you do get your Vacations…but is all that worth it…when the hand that feeds you, is also the same hand that will push you into the abyss?

OK, so this does seem like a bit of an angry rant…but I am so sick and tired of all the crap about Workers Protection…there is no such thing.

Well, time to sit on the porch and watch the rain.



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