Chris J Powell

A Long Look at Technology and My Life

Technology has had an hold on me for a long time, ever since I had the pleasure of sitting in a computer lab during my days of high school but it did not take a hold of me until much later in my life when everything I did started to revolve around the love hate relationship that I have with computers and devices.  The way that solving a problem by applying logic and code is something that has for a very long time taken me down some very different paths than what my life I thought I would live would be.

I am the person that employers, friends and family turn to when they are having a “tech dilemma” and this has for a very long time intrigued me but only recently has technology made my life both more fulfilling and more difficult.  For many years I saw my love affair with the latest kit and language or process was a benefit but then came a new stage in my life.

The world that I had lived in, was not the one that I found myself most happy…at least for a time, but then as life tends to do I found myself drawn back to the roots of my passion.  As I look to what my future will be I find myself looking long and hard at what I can do, what I can build and what my life really is as it revolves around the many tech items that help me focus, make a living and most of all, provide me with a sense of purpose.

I have in many stages of  my life found myself drawn to be a builder.  I have consulted, built applications and helped to improve processes through the use of technology but as I close out my 44th year I really start to look at what the next 20 years will be for me and I realize that the skills that I have built through trial and error need to be refreshed with direct guidance.

So as I start into the next chapter of my life, things like this blog and my continued focus on mental stability will re-emerge as my primary focus and I will be putting some time into really looking at the different ways that technology and its wonderful simplicity of 1’s and 0’s can help me and others move forward in this fast paced life that is all around us.

I have always struggled with taking time to smell the roses…but for the short term…I will be putting a real focus on building some new skills in and around the world of programming and development.  Will this mean going back to school or leveraging the world of new education…well a little of both I suspect.

As for this site, expect to see some interesting new articles, posts and pages as well as a dramatic redesign coming in the next little while.



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