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A Step Outside of Technology – Just for Today

I decided to take a step outside of writing about technology today because I had a great day yesterday with my daughter…and what I saw shook me to the core.

I live and work in a community of about 350,000 people…small by global standards but one of the bigger cities in Ontario, Canada and on Sunday an F3 Tornado ripped the heart out of one of my favorite small towns killing 1 and injuring 3 dozen others.  I had booked Wednesday off for my annual Daddy’s Day out with my daughter (we were planning on just going to the beach like we do each August) but we both agreed that if there was something that we could do, we should do it so we made the drive up to Goderich to lend our hands and our hearts to those in need.


I am going to use this soap box to call each and every person who reads this to remember that helping a neighbor is not just a good thing…it is the most important thing that you can do for another human being!


I am not saying that you should drop everything and come to Ontario to help us…no Goderich will return to its former glory, they will need a tonne of help and if you are one of the willing I will post some insights into how you can best assist the residents of Canada’s Prettiest Town at the end of this.


For the most part we will help where and when we can but only a small percentage will actually do more than just dial a 1-800 number and provide their Credit Card number.  I call every person reading this to step it up as part of a greater community than just yourself to commit to do something more than just a donation when a call for help comes out to you.

2011 has been a year of tragedies that become almost daunting to think of:

  • January 1st, 2nd and 3rd – Earthquakes rock Argentina and Chile
  • January 5th – Heavy Floods kill more than 35 in Brazil
  • Feb 3rd – Massive earthquake hits New Zealand
  • March 11th – One of the largest Earthquakes ever recorded off the coast of Japan and the ensuing 30 foot Tsunami that slammed into the countries east coast
  • April 17th – A wave of Tornadoes hit North Carolina and Virginia killing 46
  • May 22nd – Tornado strikes Joplin, Missouri killing 116
  • June 11th and 12th – More Earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand crippling the isolated country


On top of Natural Disasters that hit home with destroyed communities and families left homeless because of Mother Nature there are the ongoing problems such as:

  • Homelessness – in your own back yard, all over the world
  • Famine in Africa – the Horn of Africa (Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia)
  • Libyan Civil War – and the threat to any stability in Northern Africa
  • Poverty on a Global Scale – the separation between the haves and the have nots continues to grow


I put this challenge out to you that between now and the end of 2011 everyone who reads this blog will give a minimum of 8 hours (just one working day)…that is just 480 minutes out of your life to any local charity close to you.


If my web stats are reporting correctly, the collective impact that we could have together is an increase in support for local charities by more than 2,500 hours if we all just commit to and do 8 hours of community service this year.  I am going to double that number and commit myself to 16-24 hours myself!


What will you do for your town, your community, your Province or State? 


What will you do to directly impact just 1 life this year?


Please Post your volunteer activities on this post or start a thread in the new Mingle Forum on the site.




Chris J Powell

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