Chris J Powell

A Tribute to Marijeanne Avery-Raymer

Almost a decade ago, a wonderful person came into our lives in a most unexpected fashion.  While the family and I were living in Ottawa, Papa (George Foster – my father in-law) came for one of his semi-unplanned visits but this time he was bringing a special treat for us.  He had met someone new and wanted us to meet her.

I know just how hard it is to meet the parents of someone you love for the first time but I can only imagine the challenge it must be when you are meeting the children and grandchild of someone special to you but Marijeanne not only took it in stride but from that day forward, she became a very special part of our lives.  On Saturday morning, her heart stopped and without warning, she was taken from us.

For our entire family and for her own, the shock and disbelief still resides and her vibrant personality was always enough to fill a room.  We always looked forward to visiting her, either at the Retirement Villa in Wallaceburg (that was never quite finished) to the “Love Shack” in Brownsville her door was always open to everyone who called her mom, nana or GG.

To her kids, grand kids and great grand kids in Hamilton…know this…her heart may have stopped beating…but her memory will live on in each of you.

Chris J Powell

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  1. Thank you Chris this means alot to us when my mom and George met she was the happiest she had been in years we didnt only gain a step dad but also a step sister and a step brother inlaw also another neice you guys will always be a part of our lives.

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