Chris J Powell

A Whole New Thought Process

As I go through my personal transformation into what will be the Krispy of Tomorrow I sit back and wonder what I really want to do with my life.  This deep thought has me really wondering about the first 42 years of my life and the series of wrong turns, missteps and challenges that I have faced to put me in a position that I really need to focus on what tomorrow will be for me.

New beginnings don’t happen very often and most definitely second chances to get things right don’t just appear so while I really want to take a more laisez faire attitude that has me stopping and smelling the roses…the focus for me for the next couple of years must be one of drive and determination.  You see, during the grand reset of my life, I have been placed into a position that I have to evaluate many things that I feel are important so I figured what better time to share with you all than right now the things that are going to make or break who and what I will become.

The introspection of my life has led me to really focus on a few key elements and many of them focus on achieving Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:


So this new way of thinking, and putting Krispy First needs to make sure that I take care of everything from the base up:


Ok, breathing I do without thinking about it, but unfortunately I am a smoker and this is becoming at times a challenge so within the next several months…I will be removing that aspect out of my life…but everything else is actually in a good state so I have a solid base to start building on!


My health is about as good as it has been in years, I have a job that I am pretty good at and while the money may not be the best…it is a good solid start to a future.  I have a good and solid view of what is right and wrong for me and for my family and while I still rent…I have started to build a plan to get me into my own home within the next 24 months and if all goes well…I will not be in the confined quarters of a 1 bedroom hovel for much longer!


Thanks to a very special person who recently came into my life…I for the first time in a long time feel like I belong.  My daughter truly does round out this part of my life and the rest of my family…well despite some challenges in distance and finances…I truly love each and every one of you!


Anyone who knows me, knows that once I have set my sights on a target…I get the prize…but in the past there was always an empty feeling from this achievement.  This emptiness led me to a path of Anxiety and at times Severe Depression.  The building of my Self Esteem and placing more focus on me instead of others will help to build this aspect (and this may be the most challenging transformation that I will have to make).

Self Actualization

Accepting facts that I can not change will be a challenge.  You see I look at reality in a slightly off kilter view and this has led to my past success.  You see, just because one reality says that something is a fact…I firmly believe that reality can be changed if you apply sufficient effort and focus on that change.  But at the same time, I now need to take a step back and accept some things as simply unchangeable.

So as you can see, I am looking down the road…and instead of long term 5 and 10 year plans…the furthest out I am looking is just 24 months.  You see, I am still plotting and planning as I always do…and likely always will…but now I choose to focus on more immediate goals.  Instead of focusing on pie in the sky ideas…I want to really target on what I can truly change today and tomorrow…and as time progresses…the bigger picture will come into focus.



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