Chris J Powell

Aha! I know what I am supposed to do!!!

Life has a funny way of jumping out at you and sometimes smacking you right in the face with what should have  been obvious to you all along.  It may be that I have been far too close to the situation or that the future was coming up on me so fast that I really could not focus on what was really important in the moment.

The problem is right now, even though I had my own personal Aha moment, and I am sharing with all of you that I have had it…I can not share what my next move is…it is kind of top secret.

For those who have helped me along the way…you know who you are and I thank you.  Is this the end of Krispy the Tech Sales Guy…not by a long shot but I now have something that I can focus on…get past some of the challenges that have been plaguing me and leap forward into the future with a plan, a goal and a dream.

Watch out world…Krispy is coming!



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