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Analyze terabytes of data with just a click of a button

That is the opening line on the new service being offered by Google over at so what is this Big Data service and what can it do?  According to a review by ReadWriteWeb, the most interesting feature is that this new PaaS (Platform as a Service) is completely hosted…no installs needed.

You can purchase Storage at just 12 cents per GB per Month up to 2TB which is basically the same as the Google Cloud Storage offering but there is no price drop after 1TB.

While it would appear to be a little less flexible than some of the other more mature Big Data analytics services, BigQuery is set to offer a very low barrier of entry for organizations wanting to analyze a lot of data on a regular basis.

The one big kicker as it always is with Google…Privacy.  While the ToS state that each party has full control of their intellectual property, if Data Privacy is absolutely key it is recommended to really think about the potential Risk before using BigQuery.

I am torn, as I look at the tool, it might just be the service I need to put some of the data queries that I have tried to build with some Open Source Tools but have not had the time or to be honest the skill to dive deep enough into building the right view.  Skill…just needs more time with the code but it is finding the Time that is the real challenge.

Does Google have another Enterprise Ready Service to go along with their recently upgraded Google Docs, Google Drive (which by the way finally got activated for me) and other services.  Only time will tell but this is quite an interesting development and again shows that Google is not afraid of playing with the big boys…and thumb their noses at Oracle, IBM and Microsoft…more power to you!

Well today is my first real day off in 2012…I was still up at my normal 5:30 but I decided to enjoy a beautiful sunrise and switch things up before I head off to take care of some business around town today.


Chris J Powell

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