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App Friday – Time Management Part 1

Normally each Friday I compare and contrast an App that has Cross OS capability but with a personal move to become more aware of my own Time Management I decided that I would actually break out this effort into a two part spread.  This week I will be focused on leveraging the power of iOS and my constant companion the iPad.  I installed a Time Management App called 30/30 last night and set out to build out my activities and planned activities for the next 7 days.

Getting things done is one thing that I think all of us would like to be able to say we can do.  The reality is, life has a multitude of distractions and it boils down to how we deal with those distractions that we are able to ensure our success.  I plan on using this App to break down my day into a series of 30 minute task blocs, and assigning things like Email Responses, calling prospective clients, services and assisting current clients, meetings and other activities.

There will also be allotted time for me in there as well.  A little down time will help to keep me focused and on task to be able to focus and build upon my successes at work.  The App is designed by an interesting company call Binary Hammer that is actually better known for creating things that waste time (games) so this should be an interesting week!  During the 7 days I will be actually shutting down my email and only looking at and responding to emails during the times that I have assigned to correspondence.  One of my clients has expounded upon the great success he has had by doing this (even though it is an enormous challenge every day and does not feel “natural”).

The interface is nice and simple and there are lots of options to set up my tasks.  There are additional icons that you can purchase within the app, you can color code your activities and there are different settings that make it continually easier to get used to altering your current work flow.

I will need to remember to bring my charging cable because the App does have an option to keep the screen on all day and while this will be very helpful…I will not get 14 hour battery life out of my iPad if the screen is on all day.

Wish me luck…I have a sneaky suspicion that I may be found shivering under my desk by Tuesday from email withdrawal symptoms.


Chris J Powell

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