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App Friday – Time Management Part 3

The experiment this past week with Astrid on my Motorola Droid Razr was far more successful than the first week with 30/30 on the iPad.  Both Apps has significantly different approaches to the concept of Time Management but Astrid really did let me focus more and connected far better into my calendar.  This week though it is time to take a different approach…I want to look deeper at the concept of GTD and in even though I have tried really hard to steer away from becoming yet another Evernote fanboy…I figured it was only fair to give it a shot.

One of the main reasons that I have avoided the use of Evernote has been the fact that it is an App that tries to be EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY and I am a firm believer in using the right tool for the task at hand.  What actually got me to re-evaluate the App was a article by Melanie Pinola that asked the question “What’s All the Fuss About Evernote? Should I Be Using It?”

Now came the time to dive into the App and focus on how I can take what I have learned about my daily activities (from 2 full weeks of review and reflection).  What Evernote can do is quite impressive and considering it will work on basically any device and connect the things you want with out having to “plug in and sync” is a good thing…but it does so much that finding the focus that I want from it will likely take the whole weekend.

This is a case of the Cloud meets Time Management meets Document Management meets Archive of your Digital Life.  An interesting concept but in many ways just a little too big brother for my liking, but I don’t put anything here unless I am committed to giving it a go…so begins the “Evernote Transformation”.

For the iPad the layout was very similar to the browser based version that I looked at while configuring things.

But on the Droid…because of the smaller screen…well that was a bit of a challenge.  The fit far more content into the Android App (at first glance) than they did in the iPad version.


The next week should be an interesting experiment.  Follow my “Twitter Frustations” @chris_j_powell 


Chris J Powell

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