Chris J Powell

Apps Friday – The Perfect App

For each of us that is a Smartphone or Tablet user there is a wish list for apps that we dream would be both available and free (or at least affordable).  The real challenge for us is how do we get that Dream App Built?  You could invest the time and energy and money into developing it yourself…and for some that is exactly what happens or you could be like Apple and patent an “idea” and then prepare to litigate other companies out of business, but for the rest of us that don’t have the talent, time or understanding…what is there left to do?

There are a million ways to get started…just type in “App Ideas” into Google…here I will make it easy for you with a quick “Let Me Google that for you“.

You can fund a project, you can make sample prototype, you can do a million different things all from a simple starting point of Googling the right thing.  We all have that idea for the killer app bouncing around inside our skull cap…what is your Perfect App?

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