Chris J Powell

Augmented Reality…Google Style


I have been following along with eager anticipation for the future connectivity and options to come out of the Google Glasses Project and as if by devine intervention, a great video that demonstrates the real future of Google’s Augmented Reality appeared in my inbox this morning:

If this technology can be mass produced at an affordable rate (I would say under $200) without prescription…I would absolutely be in line to replace my plain old boring corrective vision lenses for a piece of the global connected opportunity.  The concept of tying our interconnected lives and gaining new insights into the world around us just from a simple view of the objects is really neat and I think would get me out of the house more to explore and find new things to do.

Gone are the days when we as people would need to do things to make software work for us…it is now time for Technology to make things better, easier and faster for all of us.

Coolness factor taken out of the equation, this does have some serious privacy implications and for all the benefits I have to think about just how much Data Google would be collecting if these glasses were only moderately successful with say 1 million sold around the world.  Learning and building on the travel habits, inquiries and spending of 1 million people over say 14 hours per day…and just how would Google pay for this service…well we all know the King of Search would be agrigating that data and pushing “relevant adds” to the users based on their past history.  Because I love my Donuts…imagine EVERY Tim Hortons that I drive by each day pushing ads at me, or the future of QR Codes embedded in billboards that as soon as the camera picks up on the code it starts to blast us with what ever is being pedaled!

Don’t get me wrong…I get the advantages of getting relevant information to me.  It would make life a lot easier to find what I want, stay connected with people and interact with my own social world…but at some point the Luddite in all of us has to step in and say…REALLY, CAN’T WE JUST CONNECT IN PERSON?

Well, that is it for me.  My week is coming to a crashing conclusion…and thankfully so, I am exhausted.


Chris J Powell

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