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Android…my beloved little robot

In the space of personal mobility never before has there been the level of quality in a consumers choice of platforms.  Where the issue comes is from the FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) that is put out by the corporate giants that manage the mobile OS space.

Sony Gets Hacked, Ubuntu Release and a White iPhone

Some big news that affects many of us around the globe today.

Self Improvement…Day by Day

So this is day 3 on the blogging trail and I am now realizing that it takes some discipline to get up in the morning and post something that is insightful and ties into the title of this blog so I am going to do a bit of a rant. A former Sales Administrator at…

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Ubuntu Release Day

So Thursday will be release day of the latest version of my beloved Ubuntu. For those who are not familiar with Ubuntu, it is a Linux Operating System that has a regular (EVERY 6 months) release date.  With 11.04 also known as Natty Narwhal there have been some dramatic upgrades.  Gone is the familiar Gnome…

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