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The turning of the calendar to a new year has had me thinking long and hard about the direction of Krispy’s Bytes.  Within the world of Technology there are 3 core areas that always seem to get my attention: Open Source (Linux and GNU Software) Big Data Risk Management So as I sat back over the past few weeks and looked to what Krispy’s Bytes would become in 2015 I thought…why not focus on these three topics exclusively (with the addition of adding in the wonders of This Day in Tech History). I really want to focus on the low or no budget concept of dealing with technology challenges because having been a Small Business Owner myself…I know how tough it is to actually stretch a dollar. The Primary focus over the next several weeks will be to use a recently decommissioned computer to become a full fledged Big Data Machine, using nothing but free and open source tools.  I will be doing this for practical purposes and documenting the successes and failures as I go along. One thing that … Read more

This Day In Tech History – VisiCalc

This Day In Tech History – VisiCalc

January 2 The bane of my existence for many years has been the misuse, over use and shoddy development of spreadsheets for everything.  On this day back in 1979, the precursor to Excel was born from the minds of Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston who incorporated Software Arts…thanks guys!

This Day In Tech History – Y2K and .com

This Day In Tech History – Y2K and .com

January 1 This day in Tech History brought to very important things to the world…first off, .com was born in 1985 as a TLD (Top Level Domain) and has led to the prosperity of the online world with websites that both enrich our lives and waste our time. Additionally, in 2000, January 1 brought about what many thought would be the end of days when the computers of the world rolled over from 1999 to 2000 and the hysteria about a total collapse of society proved to be not only unfounded but overkill that was a great job creator for people writing code that supposedly would solve all the worlds problems because the original writers of the underpinnings of computer languages wanted to save a few bits.

Happy New Year – Krispy Style

I have been giving a lot of thought to what I have been and have not been doing over the past year and I realized that while life has been a challenge, I not only need to evaluate my health but I need to focus on being a generally better person.  When it comes to what I will do with my online time, it will be far more focused than it has been in the past.  I think back to the original iteration of this Blog and remember when I did not miss a day for an entire year.  It was my cathartic outlet…but I have left that behind for some reason so on this the first day of 2015, I make a commitment to myself to make Krispy’s Bytes better by applying the focus and determination that I had when I used it as a Sales Tool in the past. The Tech that I love so much continues to march forward at an alarmingly fast rate and I want to be a part of that, even if my finances … Read more

Confusion, Distraction and Focus

I will be the first to admit it that I tend to get a bit distracted from time to time and that has been the case over the past couple of weeks.  I have not been able to stop a racing mind from playing tricks on me and in that, have not been able to gain the focus needed to dedicate to my writing. I have been online, but I have not been doing anything constructive for weeks.  My move to working afternoons means that my regular job has me staying up far too late and in that, sleeping in past my most creative times.  That is about to change though, with the Christmas Break coming up (in fact it starts in less than 10 hours) I am going to work through the confusion that has become my life and apply myself. 2014 has been a year that I would rather forget (for the most part), but I have big plans for the coming year and I intend on following through on every single one of those plans…and that will … Read more

The New Krispy – Style Makeover

So the time has come to really look to my closet and figure out what should stay or what should go.  You see, one thing that walking everywhere has done has made all of my clothes fit me like they were made by Omar the Tent Maker.  I went from a Large/Xtra Large Shirt to a Medium and from a 36 inch waist to a 34″ waist.  Belts don’t fit, pants and shorts can almost fit a second person inside with me and after 30 years of gathering clothes that had no real rhyme nor reason to the purchase (other than the collection of about 40 ties and my well known Friday Hawaiian Shirts) it is time to find my voice. Now it is important to note…I REALLY hate shopping and because I had been the same sized for the past 15 years, I could enter into any store, grab something that was my size and exit in under 5 minutes (barring a line up at the cashier)…but now my body has changed, my personality is different and I feel … Read more

Tales of a Pedestrian Commuter – Taking Care of my Tootsies

There are so many benefits to making the conscious choice to walk to where you need to go but I am finding out that there are certain, challenges to this plan as well.  You see, I am a cheap bastard.  I am not ashamed of this, it is not just because I currently work in a low paying job that does not really allow me to have the conveniences of a vehicle, it is just a lifestyle that I choose…but being a cheap bastard has meant that I tend to buy really cheap shoes…and this is not good for my primary mode of transportation. This weekend, after walking a little farther than I am normally comfortable (an unplanned 7 km walk in dress shoes), I broke down and entered a local shoe store that specializes in Walking Shoes. I entered the store and made the bold statement to the Sales Guy “I am a cheap bastard, so even being here is a big deal for me”.  The Sales Guy did not skip a beat, did not look down on me … Read more

Infographic of the Week – Know Your Image Format

Infographic of the Week – Know Your Image Format

In the world of images that is the Web these days, it can sometimes be hard to understand the difference between GIFs, PNGs, JPEGs and then there is TIFFs, BITMAPs and RAW images as well.  Well I stumbled across an interesting infographic in my slow days of internal reflection this week from the great minds over at DesignTAXI that at least explains the best way to use the three main types of images out there today:





Is Sony to Blame for the Latest Breach???

Data Breaches and Sony seem to be a fairly consistent theme.  Remember back to 2011 when the Play Station Network suffered a breach that leaked out 77 million records…well if you hadn’t heard, it happened again for the media giant…and this time…it is likely to cost a lot more than the $177 million that the last one did. The real question that must be asked is who’s fault is it?  Well the first line of defense against a data breach is each and every one of Sony’s 141,000 employees…and every company out there should take a lesson from the acts, actions and inactions that lead to the leaking of this information. While I have not personally seen any of the leaked files, the reports that I have seen list one of the main culprits in the breach as being the inclusion of plain text “password files” that had all the information the hackers needed right there in plain sight.  Access codes and a road map to the deepest darkest levels of the Sony “Digital Empire”.  Sure, some of this was … Read more

Open Letter to Bystanders and Do Nothing Onlookers

Open Letter to Bystanders and Do Nothing Onlookers

Technology is a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong but it is not ok to stand by and watch or worse…pull out your Smart Phone and record the events for posterity (or a moment of Youtube fame).  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of this world we live in be sucked into a cycle of depravity and glory because we as a people choose to do nothing. Recent events both in my life and in the world in general have me thinking that it is it time that we as a society take a lesson from our Grandparents and stop standing idly by when there are things that we can do right now to put a stop to the things around us that are morally repugnant. I wonder this, at what point did we as a society decide that we would ignore the need for us to act as a community and protect those that need protecting the most which is really anyone who can not defend themselves…and worse, at what point did we go from … Read more

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