Chris J Powell

Big Data for the Little Guy

The turning of the calendar to a new year has had me thinking long and hard about the direction of Krispy’s Bytes.  Within the world of Technology there are 3 core areas that always seem to get my attention:

  1. Open Source (Linux and GNU Software)
  2. Big Data
  3. Risk Management

So as I sat back over the past few weeks and looked to what Krispy’s Bytes would become in 2015 I thought…why not focus on these three topics exclusively (with the addition of adding in the wonders of This Day in Tech History).

I really want to focus on the low or no budget concept of dealing with technology challenges because having been a Small Business Owner myself…I know how tough it is to actually stretch a dollar.

The Primary focus over the next several weeks will be to use a recently decommissioned computer to become a full fledged Big Data Machine, using nothing but free and open source tools.  I will be doing this for practical purposes and documenting the successes and failures as I go along.

One thing that I have learned over the past several years is that Big Data really isn’t only in the domain of Data Scientists and done right, the Little Guy can truly compete against the big Multinational Corporations…we just have to be craftier and stretch that dollar…so here goes the start of a Zero Budget Big Data Project!

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