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Big Data in the Cloud…a Match made in Heaven?

Over the weekend I came across an interesting company that takes two of Tech’s biggest buzz words and combines them into a feast for the eyes and for the pocketbook.  When we look to the Cloud and all the advantages it potentially has to offer, it is hard to imagine the logic behind then taking the massive amounts of Data that constitute a typical Big Data BI implementation and throwing it out there.  In an blog post over at GigaOM Derrick Harris highlights 9 companies that are going the extra mile and making it all a Reality.

In looking through the list, I only recognized a few but I thought that I would highlight one that may just have the coolest name of any company I have seen in a while. 

InfoChimps makes the claim that they have the “Big Data Infrastructure Made Simple” so I thought I would take a tour around the site and see if I could make heads or tails of their platform and if it is “Simple Enough” for a “Chimp” like me.


Interestingly enough when you look to how they set this up…you don’t need to “put your data into the cloud”, the service can actually link into your Private Cloud and do its Data Analysis there as well.  The greatest thing is that InfoChimps brings you all this and then provides you with the what appears to me to be an option to do all the work yourself with 4 OpenSource??? Tools that when reading the White Paper for the foundation of the InfoChimps service…is a paid by the hour connection to do the analysis not a pay for the software and well sucks to be you if it becomes shelfware.

In looking through the rest of the site, I was intrigued by the level of depth that these “monkeys” provide access to their APIs and really focus on the ability of their subscribers to come up with really unique ways to slice and extract data from multiple sources to come up with some very unique predictive analytics.  Setting up an account and taking a quick tour of their Twitter TrstRank API could not have been easier and it did not cost me anything…now that is a low barrier of entry!

Interestingly enough, by simply entering 2 data points I was able to learn a lot about my Twitter Account:


"created_at": 20110424033321,

"follow_rate": 0.6035714,

"followers": 54,

"outflux": 0.33214286,

"user_id": 286994107


I also did a check on the available Apps that have been built using this API and interestingly enough one of them claims that they can build an InfoGraphic based on my Twitter influence…so I thought I would give it a try and here is what it looks like:


I am sold on the absolute power and beauty of the Cloud and Big Data together.  I plan on diving into this and several other APIs from InfoChimps soon.  I am quite impressed and I have had my Baboon Account for lest than 25 minutes and have a legitimate piece of real time actionable insight already.  That is incredible!


Chris J Powell

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