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Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.

When Albert Einstein spoke the words that became the tag for today’s post I doubt he would have thought that it would live on well past his life.  I work at a job that drags you down and weekends truly do become a shelter from the storm that is a Sales Career.

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Time for Changes

This past week has been vastly different for me thanks to everyone from around the globe who have taken time out of their day to read my posts, follow me on twitter and look to the links that I connect you to in my posts.  The image below is something that is becoming wildly fun to witness.  I built it by simply going to www.wordle.netand letting it scan the blog…pretty interesting…go try it!

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IT Consultants, Internet Explorer and Facebook

In my job I unfortunately have to interact with Microsoft a lot.  My desktop uses the venerable WinXP, MS Office 2K7 and IE8.  I can live with the 8 minute boot up times (yes 8 minutes to a active desktop), Office is well a necessary evil but IE8…now there is something that I could do without.  Problem is Internet Explorer is the only browser supported by our IT Department as our dialer will only work in IE (the IE Tab in Firefox and in Chrome just don’t float my boat).

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Why do people hate the Penguin?

So, Canada experienced its last Federal Election until 2015 yesterday.  I could go on a rant on how Canada made a fundamental change in how our country will be governed but today it is all about the Penguin!

I stumbled on some research done by Gartner Research that puts things into perspective.  Now I could spend the $1295 on the actual report and get deeper into the findings but really there are so many things that I myself and the clients that I work with could spend that money on so I will use a posting from to assist me.

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Goals and getting what you want

Today marks the first day of the fourth quarter of our fiscal year at work.

This means a lot to the Executives and Sales Managers as we strive to achieve double digit growth again this year.  Targets are set, Quotas will be published and the gnawing ache at the pit of the stomach for many of my colleagues will remain.  For me, today is just another day.

I have set my sights on achieving what many say is impossible.  I have set my own goals much higher than what the quota that has been assigned to me.

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A Sad Goodbye to ‘Niffy

As I sat down last week to plot out the next several posts and the topics that I wanted to put down I decided that I would take Saturday’s off and do a “Personal Post” on Sunday, as a way of bearing my soul and letting the world know that I am about more than just geeky stuff like Linux, Computers and Mobile Phones. When we woke up this morning we found the rock of our family lying peacefully in the hallway head curled up in my wife’s shoe.  “Sniffles” was part of our family through thick and thin since October 1997.  Nearly 14 years old he came to our family in very poor health as a kitten as he was rescued from a house in Wingham, ON that had nearly 30 cats.  He battled through a Flea Infestation and bladder infection that nearly took his life in his first year but NEVER quit. I remember the day “Sniffles” chose us with vivid and happy memories.  The runt of the group came up to me and rubbed back and forth … Read more