Chris J Powell

Browser Battle 2014

Most of my life is now spent inside of a browser.  No seriously.

Between work, blogging and surfing the web, I spend no less than 10-15 hours in front of some sort of screen and for the most part, this involves having a web browser open and doing something with the wonders of the Interwebz.  It would seem that I am not alone.  When I got on the internet in the late 90s I was some what unique with less than 300 Million total internet users in the world…the early Geeks were few and far between and there really wasn’t much to see out there.


Back in the day, I used mostly Internet Explorer…and at the time…it was all good but then I met Netscape (Navigator and Communicator) and well my world changed.  I started to learn how to build web pages and started to understand that there was a world out side of Microsoft.

Fast forward to 2014 and I split my Internet time between IE (at work – it is a requirement) and Google Chrome (on all my devices at home).

In the time between 1997 and 2014 though I have used IE, Netscape, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Maxthon, and several other less known browsers to surf the web, play games and even do the occasional bit of work.  Today Browsers are so much more than just for web surfing…the Google Chromebook is a prime example that an online life can be a complete life with the amazing number of Web Apps that can reside inside a browser.

The Internet turned 25 earlier this year and over that time it has changed, morphed and transformed into far more than even its creators thought it could and this is mainly because of the constant improvement and growth of the Browser over that time.

When it comes to understanding what Browser reigns supreme…the answer is not as simple as it may seem.  Depending on how and what data you look at, the information can vary wildly, but for myself, I would use Google Chrome all of the time…but for the 9.5 hours that I am at work each day…the only “Chrome Time” I get is when I am surfing on my mobile phone because of IT Restrictions.

What Browser do you like and why?



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