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Building a Personal Cloud

For those who know me, I am a cheap bastard when it comes to day to day services and building a personal cloud for me is the same way.  Sure Google is now offering outrageous pricing on its Storage and I am sure that Dropbox, Box and SkyDrive will have no choice to follow suit but in this price averse world…FREE is always better.  So what is a cheap guy supposed to do?

I stumbled across a relatively new service called Tonido that is completely free for building a personal cloud so that the only charge that I incur is for bandwidth which means if I use a file, I pay for it.  No uploading, no negotiating usage, no worrying about going over any caps…this is a very good thing.

So what does one have to do…

Simply go to, it is a free Windows, Linux or Mac download that creates a secure connection from your primary computer (which becomes a file server).  The relatively small 30 MB download then connects you to their encrypted servers and your username becomes a domain that can be accessed from anywhere.  There are mobile apps for Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry meaning that all the downloading you have done is now accessible where ever you have an internet connection.

What impressed me even more is that this little mini server has several plugins that allow me to manage my Torrent files, create a Personal Information Manager,  even set up a Media Server or a Jukebox that can be accessed and used anywhere.

So why today for this glorious Free App and not on Friday?  Well my life is about to take a radical shift and it is time to build a better tomorrow for myself as I move forward in all my new endeavours.

There are other Personal Cloud offerings out there but in all the ones I have tested in the past, it was never as easy as this to set up and use.

Seagate, Western Digital, DLink and Synology all enable a Personal Cloud to be built with the purchase of their NAS solutions but that means the “Purchase” of something new and as I stated I am a cheap bastard so I wanted to be able to use the 14 TB of Storage I already have instead of buying more.

Try it out for yourself…it is real easy!




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