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Can Microsoft convert a Hater, Google prepares for War and Apple's banning of "the Phone Story"

So on Wednesday during my lunch break I sat through 30 minutes of dry and well rather boring Microsoft Rhetoric with regards to the release of the Developers Release of Windows 8 but there were more than a few nuggets of information that I took away from that and I decided to give Windows 8 a whirl (in a VM of course).  To start of the possibility of Microsoft having a Convert from Linux to Windows is entirely possible but there are some REALLY BIG IFs for that to happen.

From the Developers Webinar it appeared to be clear that from the ground up, Microsoft has taken a “minimum standards” approach to building a unified OS that can really appeal to the masses.  If Microsoft can live up to its goal and produce an OS that is designed for the minimum standards (which today appears to be our smart phones with 1Ghz+ processors and 1GB of RAM) but then keep the same functionality through the Tablet and onto the Desktop/Laptop space they will have a very very interesting product that I might be convinced to not only install but to purchase a copy outside of my MSDN opportunities.


Now I did not have much of a chance to play with the VM this morning and I think it would be better suited to offer a full and proper review of just Windows 8 in the near future so I will leave the Screen shots and full review to a later date but it boots quick, has a slick interface and from looking at this early “Alpha” (this is definitely not a Beta Release) then as much as I hate to admit it but Apple had better do something really big before next year because the king of the tablet could very quickly be dethroned.


Next in the news…is Google Preparing for all out war.  They purchased another 1,000 Patents from IBM to sit along side the 17,000 that were aquired with the Motorola buy out.

This is actually on top of the 1030 Patents that Google snapped up from IBM back in July and it would appear that this purchase was entirely focused on supporting and shoring up the Android ecosystem.  I think this is looking more and more like a Technology Coldwar.  I realize that many of the Gen Yers out there barely remember the Berlin Wall falling let alone the near constant threat of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) that was before us for 50 years as the United States and the Soviet Union (what is now Russia, and the smaller outling countries).  This power play to stem the tide and force the hand of Apple and  to stop the constant challenge of it hardware partners of having to defend themselves from the onslaught of Patent Trolls.


Thanks to the folks at SEO by the Sea for compiling a list of some pretty powerful and assistive Patents into the Android/Google war chest.  These Patents include but are not limited to:

  • “Coordination of Cellular Telephones In A Residential Area To Obviate Need For Wired Residential Service
  • Telephone Information Service System
  • Electronic Mail System
  • Text In Anchor Tag Of Hyperlink Adjustable According To Context
  • System And Method Of Making Location Updating Management On A Mobile Station, Mobile Station And Mobile Network


The Patents appear to cover three broad swaths of technology:  Java and Scripting Based Patents, Phone and Wireless Based Patents and Web and Search Related Patents…kudos for Google for standing up to the competition and drawing the line in the sand!


Now the final topic is a bit of a strange one.  Now Apple has been pretty dilligent about ensuring that anything that is produced for the App Store is of “decent quality” and meets the different standards athat are laid out in the agreement for submission but they allowed “the Phone Story” to first be placed on Store Shelves and then just as quickly pulled the Game off siting violations of the Terms of Service…in reality…I think it might be more because it really does not show Apple in the best light!

The Game from Molleindustria depicts the darker side of Smart Phones and starts off with the Child Labour camps in the Congo, moves through the to harsh working conditions at Foxconn (where doctors try to save workers leaping off the roof to their imment demise) and then the ultimate defense of the “pear store”.


While I heard rumors that the game had been retooled and was available on the App Market for my Android I was not able to locate it for review (damn CRTC).


Well that is it for me.  I hope you all have a Great and Productive Day…I know I will.




Chris J Powell

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