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Big Data for the Little Guy

The turning of the calendar to a new year has had me thinking long and hard about the direction of Krispy’s Bytes.  Within the world of Technology there are 3 core areas that always seem to get my attention: Open Source (Linux and GNU Software) Big Data Risk Management So as I sat back over…

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Tech that Wastes your Productivity

I think it is safe to say that the technology that we all use every day is both a productivity bonus and a productivity killer.  I have for quite some time focused on the concept of Zero Inbox but in my new role as a Service Concierge I do not receive nearly the volume of…

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Big Data – On the Cheap

I have worked for a lot of companies in my lifetime and I find it humorous how if I knew today back then just how much of an impact I could have had in assisting the organizations that I worked for in both the collection and the analysis of the data that they just have…

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Infographic of the Week – 2014 IT Salary Survey

For years I have subscribed to eWeek and Information Week both in its paper form and now in its digital form.  I enjoy the snap shots of the IT Industry that these two publications give to me in an easy to digest format.  The email updates pour in from both magazines and I try to…

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Learning Analytics – The Future or Just Hype?

Hot off my return from the ASTD Tech Knowledge Conference in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, I have been giving a lot of thought to this interesting new concept that will eventually affect everyone who is in school, taking a training course online or having to sit through your company’s latest round of…

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