Chris J Powell

Big Data for the Little Guy

The turning of the calendar to a new year has had me thinking long and hard about the direction of Krispy’s Bytes.  Within the world of Technology there are 3 core areas that always seem to get my attention: Open Source (Linux and GNU Software) Big Data Risk Management So as I sat back over the past few weeks and looked to what Krispy’s Bytes would become in 2015 I thought…why not focus on these three topics exclusively (with the addition of adding in the wonders of This Day in Tech History). I really want to focus on the low or no budget concept of dealing with technology challenges because having been a Small Business Owner myself…I know how tough it is to actually stretch a dollar. The Primary focus over the next several weeks will be to use a recently decommissioned computer to become a full fledged Big Data Machine, using nothing but free and open source tools.  I will be doing this for practical purposes and documenting the successes and failures as I go along. One thing that … Read more

Tech that Wastes your Productivity

I think it is safe to say that the technology that we all use every day is both a productivity bonus and a productivity killer.  I have for quite some time focused on the concept of Zero Inbox but in my new role as a Service Concierge I do not receive nearly the volume of email that I did as a Sales Professional so this one has been very easy to maintain.  Things that are a killer for my productivity all stem back to my smartphone that never leaves my side.  You see, I still receive 1000’s of emails each day, mix that in with Text Messages and Game Notifications and each hour I get no less than 50 notifications to my smart phone. In my current job though, I see many connections to my past role as a Sales Professional.  You see, as the days and weeks progress, I have to strive for constant improvement and impact to the bottom line of the companies that I support.  I track more activities that I do than even my employer does … Read more

Big Data – On the Cheap

I have worked for a lot of companies in my lifetime and I find it humorous how if I knew today back then just how much of an impact I could have had in assisting the organizations that I worked for in both the collection and the analysis of the data that they just have sitting around.  Data has always been collected.  It wasn’t always in raw bits and bytes…it was once in paper form but it was just as important.  I was reading through an Aberdeen Group Research Paper titled “Big Data for Small Budgets” and I had an epiphany. One of the points that really stood out for me in the paper was that the demand for real time or near real time Business Intelligence is almost the same for a Small Business as it is for a Large Enterprise but in having worked with and for numerous small businesses in the past, there is just not the staff, expertise or time to actually build a solution to provide that information to the Business Decision Makers.  This is … Read more

Infographic of the Week – 2014 IT Salary Survey

For years I have subscribed to eWeek and Information Week both in its paper form and now in its digital form.  I enjoy the snap shots of the IT Industry that these two publications give to me in an easy to digest format.  The email updates pour in from both magazines and I try to consume everything (although I have to admit, I am not keeping up the way I used to) but I did notice that several months ago, there was a call for the 2014 IT Salary Survey.  The results are out and the data is laid out in an interesting Infographic: by dcassa. Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually. Cheers, Krispy

Learning Analytics – The Future or Just Hype?

Hot off my return from the ASTD Tech Knowledge Conference in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, I have been giving a lot of thought to this interesting new concept that will eventually affect everyone who is in school, taking a training course online or having to sit through your company’s latest round of PowerPoint driven manditory training from a local trainer. The Wikipedia Definition of this emerging “trend” has Learning Analytics defined as  “the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimising learning and the environments in which it occurs”.  Ok so we now collect and look at data about learners…but where do we get such information? The reality is, that ability is still in its infancy with a new form of data Collection that looks at the Learner’s Experience and can be embedded in from what I understand and what I have been experimenting with…nearly any interaction using the Tin Can API (aka xAPI).  I did some poking around at the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) and … Read more

What do you do with your 480 minutes?

In each and every day there is just 1440 minutes available for us.  We can not defer any of that precious time, there are no do overs and you can not put any of it in the bank.  Assuming that you are lucky you will have 39447000 minutes available to you in your life.  For me I have used about 19986480 of my available minutes and while I have some regrets about what I have used them for I realize that the past is the past and I can not change that.  Looking to the future, every minute counts and I try to maximize each and every moment I have. In a typical work day our employers pay us for 480 minutes, some tasks take longer than others but when you develop laser focus and make the time that you have seriously then a perspective and clarity comes to you and you can start to focus on what is really important. As a Sales Professional that operates from a static office (also known as Inside Sales) I do not have … Read more

Does Persistence Pay?

It is a fine line that Sales Guys like me walk between the persistent probing with a client or prospect and the stalker mentality that annoys and alienates customers. For myself I take a laid back approach.  I have every confidence in the product that I sell and its ability to truly impact the lives and careers of my customers.  Some time ago I was asked by a client that I had gently prodded and fed information to for nearly a year “How could you be so patient?  My other vendors got angry with me when I asked them to wait!”  That is exactly it, I asked back…did you buy from those vendors?  The client stated…”No and I never will!” I call myself a Sales Guy but I would rather be classified as a Buying Facilitator.  The best deals and most frequent users of the services that I sell are not those that I get on the line, pitch, close and sell.  They are the ones that make an educated decision about the Return On Investment that they will make … Read more

The Classic Battle: Today vs. Tomorrow

For my clients time is the one commodity that they find a challenge and wish that some enterprising young inventor could come up with a way of adding just one hour to their day without them having to give up an hour of something else. While I have no fancy plan in my bag of sales tricks that can actually fix this for them I do strive to assist all of my clients with using their time effectively.  We joke all the time that even for the slowest of IT Shops the To Do List is about 14 items long and there is only time to get 8 of them done on any given day but more importantly there is a constant question of “How do I employ solid long term and short term strategy while remaining firmly rooted in having a tactical plan that allows me to remain agile enough to meet the unexpected?” Strategy vs. Tactics or Today vs. Tomorrow It is a constant tug of war in trying to find the time to build a solid business … Read more

Apps Apps Everywhere

On nearly every device there is the option and opportunity to access, use and download a plethora of Applications.  I remember my early days of computing turning to Tucows, and many more “shareware” sites.  They offered the trial and full versions of free software, an avenue for budding developers and seasoned veterans alike to peddle their wares (or warez if you lived on the darkside of downloading).

The move to be more mobile and focus on the feeding frenzy of applications that will provide you with instant access to a plethora of Apple, Android, Blackberry and other mobile applications for you phone or tablet this became both a nightmare and a godsend for users around the globe. And with revenues generated from these little .99 cent apps soon to reach $9 BILLION per year it is not something that anyone can take for granted anymore!

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