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Disruptive Technology is like…

Ok so we have to keep this on the down low, I don’t want Tyler Durden to find out that I am doing this.  I stumbled across a great article over at Information Week that describes Disruptive Technology like being a participant in Fight Club but as intrigued as I was with Peter Waterhouse’s look…

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Free App Friday – Replacing WordPress

This is a topic that I have been flirting with for some time (basically since I started Krispy’s Rants in April of 2011.  While the power of the world’s most popular Content Management Solution (CMS) has served me well through several redesigns and a Web Host switch…a “corruption” of the Database last night is the…

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Infographic of the Day – Cloud as a Business

There is little disputing the fact that the Cloud has become big business and it is not going anywhere, any time soon.  Today’s Infographic is brought to you by Grasshopper Group and Chargify.  The real question is…are we in bubble mode or are we approaching another bust??? Cheers, Chris J Powell  

HP Moonshot hits the Market

Back in January I did a post on ARM based Servers and in that post I spoke about the HP Moonshot concept server.  More information has come to light with regards to this “Software Enabled Server” and the hope that this new class of microserver will be the next big thing for HP. The entire…

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Cloud SNAFU – Is your Data really Safe?

I woke up this morning not feeling the greatest.  It is hard to know if it is the up and down of the thermometer here in Ontario lately or the petri dish that every modern office has become but once again I am back on Anti-biotics and feeling like my head is in a fish…

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Infographic of the Day – The Current State of SaaS

Software as a Service or SaaS is not something new…it has been around for a long time…it has had many other names but the distributed software model is the bones that holds the Cloud together.  Today’s Infographic is brought to us by  The reality of SaaS and all the other “aaS” forms that have…

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Infographic of the Day – Cloud Computing Mythbusting

There are not many new technologies that carry as many Myths and misconceptions as Cloud Computing.  Devry University recently produced an interesting Fact or Fiction Infographic about the Cloud and I thought it was worth sharing today. Cheers and have a happy Tuesday. Chris J Powell

The Things about Technology that FRUSTRATE ME

There is no doubt that I love technology and all the wonderful things that it can do for me. In a moment’s notice I can be checking out the latest gadgets coming out of China and then switch over and listen to all my favorite music in streaming glory, then hop into Gamer Mode and…

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The Enterprise Software Market is Changing…Are You Ready?

Waking up late is not something that I like, especially when I had the best intentions of getting an early start this morning and really putting in a ton of focus both to my morning rituals and to the entire work day before a 3 Day Weekend…but waking up feeling under the weather does that…

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To Chromebook or Not to Chromebook

I have played around with the ChromeOS a few times by installing it both on a 7″ Asus eeePC and on an 10″ Acer Aspire but I did not really get the concept behind the OS itself.  There are several manufacturers out there now building dedicated Chromebooks and I really wonder…is it worth the investment…

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