Chris J Powell

Data Visualization – Seeing the Bits for the Bytes they Provide

One of my favorite pass times is to surf the grand expanse of the Interwebz for new and exciting things in the world of technology and one of my favorite sites to start that search is over at where they showcase the amazing world of Start Up companies from around the globe.  Today, in my quest for something “new” and “exciting” I narrowed my search to Canadian Companies and stumbled across a very interesting new service that applies the ability to physically see the connections and apply some insights into the Bits and Bytes that we all generate every day. Regardless of being a Business, a Brand or an Individual one of the most difficult things to do with all the many Social Media channels that we operate in is to have a real understanding of what the measure and influence is of the things that we do.  Social Media is the great and grand equalizer and regardless of if you are a small Local Business, Global Brand or a dude like me just looking to make a buck…understanding … Read more

The Next Big Thing – Graphene

Last week I took a look at how jumping into Disruptive Technologies is much like being a member of Fight Club and I thought that I would take a look at some other Disruptive Technologies that are not only making the news…but potentially changing the world that we live in today.  Sure there are things like 3d Printing and Always Connected Internet but there is one technology that I found so impressive and had me scratching my head wondering why I had never heard of it before.


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A Facebook Collapse, Browser Wars are heating up and “Me on the Web”

This past week we have seen the announcement that Facebook is preparing for an IPO in early 2012 and is likely to raise around $112 Billion from going public.  This is a big deal as the Social Network Giant is a huge reason as to why Social Networking now accounts for 1 in 6 minutes spent online each and every day. But during the hub bub about the big dollars that a Facebook IPO would garner is the suspicion that while the Global User list continues to grow, there was a North American trend pointing to an drop of about 7.5 million users where Facebook got its start. Note this is actually a report on login trends and not about actual members of the King of Social Networking and the same reports also point to a seasonal trend that would have more users accessing their Social Network Sites with their Smart Phones and Tablets that may or may not have a native Facebook Interface. It would be an interesting trend as the summer continues to see if this keeps happening … Read more