Chris J Powell

A Broken Heart…Not Easily Mended

Loss is something that hits all many times in our lives.  That loss can come from relationship breakdowns, separation from family, financial ruin or the unplanned career changes.  The worst and personally most difficult to deal with is the loss of a family member. I have had experience with this type of loss in the past.  It has not been easy…it has been painful. The hardest to deal with though is when it is not a member of your direct family…but when someone you love deeply looses someone, I find it doubly difficult to adapt, cope and deal with all the emotions and turmoil. Most recently, a great man left us.  He had many challenges that in his 7 decades of life he was not able to fully overcome.  His actions always spoke volumes for the man he was though and even though part of the legacy that he will leave is memories and challenges, he will be deeply missed. This great man, while not related to me by blood or by marriage (just 29 days until I could call … Read more

Happy Birthday to Krispy's Rants/i am krispy

Four years ago this week I ventured forth and started to put the thoughts, rants and meanderings out there for the world to see.  4 years ago I really didn’t think that anyone at any point would give this attempt at connecting a second glance but through the process I have seen this site flourish and at times become a realization of a dream of mine. Writing is not something that comes easy, nor does the discipline of committing the time to doing it right.  The past few months have been a challenge for me both physically and emotionally and my commitment as Wordsmith has waned somewhat. The four years of being a blogger have seen me experiment with different platforms (the first posts were done at Google’s site) but then I found WordPress and even though I have on a few occasions left the comfort of it, I have always returned. Looking at the numbers behind the site itself, I have accomplished quite a bit over the four years that I have been committed to building the Krispy … Read more

Living La Vida Streaming

Recently I posted about my installation of Kodi and the configuring of the successor to Xbox Media Center to enable me to watch my favorite (and forgotten) TV Shows without the need to have a Cable Subscription.  For years I had been downloading those shows, renaming the files and configuring them into folders that in effect had consumed more than 2.5 TB of storage within my home network.  With my lightning fast Internet Connection this meant that I could grab my favorite shows the morning after they aired and then watch them when I got home from work. This concept has suited me just fine, for a long time and I probably would have continued to do this, but the reality is, the time it takes to source out the different shows that I like to watch, download, sort and get everything just so…well it starts to get time consuming and while I have plenty of time on my hands these days, I can’t help but think that there is a better way of doing things. And there is. The … Read more

2015 Starting Off – Well Scary

I ended 2014 in the hospital…and 2015 started off a similar way.  I must say that the great big piece of grey matter between my ears is a mysterious and complicated machine that seems to be more than a little bit off lately.   I am less than a patient guy, I like to see things in front of me and come up with the answers and the fact that the high speed internet connection that follows me around like a guide to all the information in the world has had me more than a little scared about what the cause of this now week old headache could be. 2 trips to the hospital and still no answers what so ever…in fact my visit to the emergency room yesterday was a complete waste of time, other than the resident doctor who saw me was able to get the ball rolling for further tests…I just don’t know when it will happen. That internet connection that I spoke of has me all to frequently going to WebMD, Yahoo! Health and ZocDoc and … Read more

Reflection in the Face of Adversity

The past 15 months have been more than a little challenging and my life has been filled with ups, downs and sideways twists.  As we close out 2014 I want to look back and reflect on the good and bad things that have happened in my life and really focus on how I can prepare to make 2015 a year to remember…not for the challenges but for the successes. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of good things that happened to me, but for the most part, those good things were wrapped up in darkness and it was only through really looking for the good in it, was I able to come out the other side…whole.  The following is one of those sentences that no English teacher would ever say was ok…but you see…I just have to get it out. You see, in the past 15 months I was asked to walk away from a company that I still to this day have strong connections to and if asked would go back without hesitation, I lost my Grandfather … Read more

The Christmas Spirit…Can I Get Past the Bah Humbug

For those that know me…I tend to be a bit stoic and at times even standoffish.  When I know you, there is very little I would not do for you and if I tend to help anyone who asks for help without a second thought or regard for the effects that it may have externally.  This year though, after venturing into a local mall on the weekend, I could not help but notice that my Christmas Spirit was not only far lower than normal…it was down right “Scrooge-like” and I could see this being reflected in my daughter as well who has taken on the No Christmas before December 1. As I sit in my makeshift home office which is really nothing more than a massive book shelf and desk in the entry way to my apartment…I realize that my life has become very, very internal.  Sure I have my daughter and a great girlfriend (both of whom I want to spend more and more time with despite the circumstances presented to me) but I rarely go out and do … Read more

Thanksgiving 2014

There are many things in my life that right now I can give thanks for.  I am lucky in many ways for all that I have been given, and that I have built for myself and for those that I care about.  The world around me is challenging right now, I am in a position of transition but at the same tame stable for the first time in a very long time. I have a wonderful daughter who continues to impress me with how she can adapt and grow despite all the odds against her.  Her strength of resolve proves to me every single day that being a Dad is the easy part…being a Father that is the real work, but the pay off is more than any job. I am in a solid relationship with a wonderful woman who makes me feel good about myself for the first time in a long time.  What the future will hold, well my Crystal Ball is a little cloudy but for now I am happy and that I have what I have … Read more

Father’s Day – this Post is for you Mousie!

For my international followers, today is a day that is celebrated by our kids for us as Dad’s.  I have had many jobs in my life but none have been as rewarding as seeing my daughter grow up before my eyes.  From the days when I could hold her in one arm and rock her to sleep to today when she proudly stands beside me and says “Daddy, I’m up to your shoulder now!”  I love you Mouse. From the day she was born I knew that she would make me one proud Daddy and in the 11 years since I have not been disappointed.  She has her head on straight, knows what she wants from life and is a true Geek 2.0!  Having grown up in a middle class family with 4 younger brothers it is a bit of a change dealing with a Girl but in all honesty I would not change a thing about her.  Everything I do, I do for her! This summer she will be starting on her next “adventure” in life playing for the … Read more