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Upgrading Krispy's Tech

Here we are into April already and I sit here plotting the upgrades in my life as I always seem to do this time of the year.  So far this year I have done a couple upgrades already with a new phone (upgraded my LG G3 to the new Huawei Nova Plus) and a new Tablet.  The phone upgrade was really because it was time, I did an early upgrade as the battery on my G3 was more than a little flakey.  The tablet though…may seem like a strange choice in a world that is constantly looking to be bigger and better as I got myself a diminutive Acer Iconia One Android Tablet that is not much bigger than my phone…but acts primarily as a ebook reader. In the coming weeks and months though, I am really looking at doing a monster upgrade of the tech and services that I am connected to. The first upgrade will be happening in a couple of weeks with a massive step up to a new ISP (Internet Service Provider) with some monster upgrades … Read more

A Long Look at Technology and My Life

Technology has had an hold on me for a long time, ever since I had the pleasure of sitting in a computer lab during my days of high school but it did not take a hold of me until much later in my life when everything I did started to revolve around the love hate relationship that I have with computers and devices.  The way that solving a problem by applying logic and code is something that has for a very long time taken me down some very different paths than what my life I thought I would live would be. I am the person that employers, friends and family turn to when they are having a “tech dilemma” and this has for a very long time intrigued me but only recently has technology made my life both more fulfilling and more difficult.  For many years I saw my love affair with the latest kit and language or process was a benefit but then came a new stage in my life. The world that I had lived in, was not … Read more

More Get Up and Go Go

For some time now I have been mired in a struggle.  This struggle was in many ways untenable but last Friday I made a true commitment to turning my life around and in the middle of it all, I am some how saving money. So what is this more get up and go go that I speak of…well let me introduce you to Bixby…my new ride!   This thing of Yellow/Orange pride is the latest edition to my life.  It rides so smooth, has just the right amount of tech (yes bluetooth music…so that I can maximize my Spotify Subscription). So far, the fuel economy is amazing (cost savings of more than $200 per month is what I am anticipating) but more importantly, as I start out on my new business venture…it will become a big part of what I will be in the years to come. By far the best part of this little shiny bit of goodness is the heated seats…nothing says good morning like a warm “Tushie” nestled in leather seats!!! Stay tuned for more on Bixby … Read more

Happy Birthday to Krispy's Rants/i am krispy

Four years ago this week I ventured forth and started to put the thoughts, rants and meanderings out there for the world to see.  4 years ago I really didn’t think that anyone at any point would give this attempt at connecting a second glance but through the process I have seen this site flourish and at times become a realization of a dream of mine. Writing is not something that comes easy, nor does the discipline of committing the time to doing it right.  The past few months have been a challenge for me both physically and emotionally and my commitment as Wordsmith has waned somewhat. The four years of being a blogger have seen me experiment with different platforms (the first posts were done at Google’s site) but then I found WordPress and even though I have on a few occasions left the comfort of it, I have always returned. Looking at the numbers behind the site itself, I have accomplished quite a bit over the four years that I have been committed to building the Krispy … Read more

The Next Big Thing – Graphene

Last week I took a look at how jumping into Disruptive Technologies is much like being a member of Fight Club and I thought that I would take a look at some other Disruptive Technologies that are not only making the news…but potentially changing the world that we live in today.  Sure there are things like 3d Printing and Always Connected Internet but there is one technology that I found so impressive and had me scratching my head wondering why I had never heard of it before.


Read moreThe Next Big Thing – Graphene

Disruptive Technology is like…

Ok so we have to keep this on the down low, I don’t want Tyler Durden to find out that I am doing this.  I stumbled across a great article over at Information Week that describes Disruptive Technology like being a participant in Fight Club but as intrigued as I was with Peter Waterhouse’s look at Disruptive Technology…I thought that I would take it one step further…yep time for a new feature.  Saturday Krispification! There are many truths about working in IT or around Technology for that matter.  I for one have been engaging in “Shadow IT” for years because I not only understand the Tech but can separate business needs from personal needs quite well because the reality is…for the most part for me they are the same thing.  In the Information Week Article, Peter describes 5 Rules of the DT Fight Club…and while I liked what he had to say…the point of a “Krispification” is to put my spin on what an industry writer has put out there for the world to read. Rule #1: You do not … Read more

Da Email, Da Email…You had NO IDEA Strongbad!

For those who are not familiar with the works of the beloved Internet Luchador, Strong Bad the long ago internet sensation (before the time of YouTube and Vine) there was a weekly flash video produced from far away in Strongbadia that would answer fans questions in…well a pretty unique way (SB Email) but even as the computer that Strong Bad uses in the videos so too has Email evolved and despite rumors of its imminent demise…it is likely to remain around for a  very long time. (heck I even wanted to believe with posts like I am not the only one confronted by the email pollution and Inbox Zero – Lofty Goal or Easy Fix? but with this venerable web tool (yes the only thing on the internet older than me is email) it keeps reinventing itself. While Friday’s are typically my Free App Reviews, I could not resist taking a gander at the future of email with “Inky” a relatively new take on the 42 year old medium that we all love to hate. With as many email addresses as I have … Read more

Technology Watch List

When it comes to the next big thing, there are few that can argue with Gartner Research’s ability to look into that Technology Crystal Ball and see the future for what it is.  Yesterday at one of there conferences they revealed the “2014 Watch List” and I for one was surprised that there were no surprises in the top technologies coming around the corner next year.  The Krispification of the Gartner Press Release is below. Mobile Device Diversity and Management Ever since the birth of the iPhone and then the coming of age for Android Devices, the importance of the Device has shifted away from the corporate owned “Blackberry Fleet” to a BYOD world and no surprise here, this trend will continue.  According to Gartner well into 2018 this will be a top focus. Mobile Apps and Applications Again no surprise here but the reality is, the need to go mobile is a trend that needs to be a better focus.  More and more, event the need to have a basic website be responsive to the needs of the customer … Read more

Open Source – Open Data…mmmm you had me at hello!

As I started my morning thumbing through the world of technology and reading article after article for inspiration and dare I say direction…I saw a headline that stood out like a beacon.  “Socrata Releases “Open Data Server, Community Edition“, it stood out like a beacon and I have been following the concept of Open Data since my post on Open Data Around the World back in February. Before I dive into what the Open Data Server will be, I figured I should get to know this Socrata a little more.  The company claims to be focused on: democratizing access to government data. We help public sector organizations improve transparency, citizen service and fact-based decision-making by efficiently delivering data to citizens, employees and developers in a user-friendly experience on web, mobile and machine-to-machine interfaces. Ok…so that gives some insights into the goals…and in a high level look at their “paid products” it allows for the Social Layer to be applied to everything that public sector organizations do.  Now this is starting to get interesting…very fast. Stepping over to the Open Data … Read more

HP Moonshot hits the Market

Back in January I did a post on ARM based Servers and in that post I spoke about the HP Moonshot concept server.  More information has come to light with regards to this “Software Enabled Server” and the hope that this new class of microserver will be the next big thing for HP. The entire concept of the Moonshot project is pretty impressive and it all starts with the Chassis classified as the HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis.  The 4.3U case has all the power, management, networking, storage and cooling components needed to spin up, a whopping 45 Moonshot Servers, that is each tuned to a different, specific workload. The first of the HP Proliant Moonshot Servers is available today and looking at the specs…it is pretty impressive when considering that it would be just one of 45 in that rack mount! HP is claiming that the Moonshot Server system will use 89% less energy than a conventional Blade Server take up 80% less space and cost 77% less than current servers.  Those are interesting claims to say the least.  I … Read more