Chris J Powell

The Best Part of a New Year

One of the great things that I love about the fresh start of a New Year is all the wonderful Technology Predictions that float around the Interwebz, so I thought I would throw my moderately educated guesses into the fold thanks to having read 100’s of other predictions and spent the past two years trolling the web for content. Broadband for All – the Global push towards high speed internet as a global imperative (hey the UN says it is a Basic Human Right) takes a radical step forward with new Mobile Technologies that drive down the cost and dramatically increase throughput speeds. Apple will Stumble – The push towards building for the lowest common denominator and a focus on its mobility devices (iPhone and iPad) take a major knock as a shortage of a key component for the “Retina Display” occurs.  Stock prices plummet and consumer confidence causes a shift towards the alternatives. Resurgence of Blackberry – This is partly wishful thinking but until Blackberry can work out a licensing deal with a competitor…there is a global uptake in the Blackberry 10 … Read more

There is a Battle Brewing…and It May Turn into an All Out WAR!

We have all seen the power plays in the Mobility Space.  Fingers being pointed from one company to another about who owns what patent and what shape a Smartphone or Tablet should be, but if you thought 2012 was a challenging year to keep up with when it comes to the fast and furious Mobile Device War…hold onto your hat…2013 is likely gonna be a whole lot more interesting! Right now there really is three phones leading the way as far as being truly cutting edge and battling for the hearts and minds of today’s mobile computing Geek.  Those three phones account for more than 55 million units sold in 2012 so what are the Big three? The iPhone 5 with its elongated screen, Apple Maps getting 1000’s of people lost and the cult of Mac drooling over what the Post-Jobs idea farm will pump out next not to mention the rendering of 1000’s of accessories obsolete! The Samsung S3 with its monster screen, slick Android Interface and sleek “this is not Apple” styling and form and function that is … Read more

OpenCompute and the Future of the Cloud Data Center

The reality is, IT Departments are being push, pulled and in some cases dragged to the promised land of Cloud Computing.  Whether this is good, bad or indifferent it is a simple reality and a matter of economy of scale that has brought us to this position.  I took a look at the future, and it was interesting to see Facebook at the center of an interesting project call OpenCompute! It is incredibly interesting to see just how indepth this project is and how much Facebook is willing to share with others on this grand scheme to add efficiency and reduce the cost of a modern Data Center.  If we look to how this could impact a fledgling Cloud Service Provider the anticipated savings of 24% on the $3000 per square foot cost is pretty dramatic. When I looked closer at the OpenCompute project itself it is broken down into several sub sections that get even more interesting: Virtual IO – by tailoring the hardware to the Virtual Environment that is built it dramatically increases the efficiency (according to Virtual … Read more

Welcome to the End – Or the Beginning????

Today if you believe in the Mayan Long Count Calendar is the End.  The exclamation mark on a 5000+ year run…and the universe will now do a grand reset destroying and recreating everything!  I would like to think that this is all just a bunch of silliness and considering that it is now already Saturday in New Zealand the entire concept is really over.  We can do the recalculations, we can pretend that we didn’t fully understand the message but at the end of the day…they were wrong and we couldn’t actually ask them how they made their calculations! So if the End is not here, is it possible to have a New Beginning?  A personal Reset?  We strive to do this each year with New Year’s Resolutions so why not apply our “borrowed time” to a grand Reset of ourselves! What will you do with your “Extra Time”?  Take a step back and think of what is missing from your life.  Is it more money?  Stronger connections to your family?  Committing to Charity Work?   Getting a Promotion at … Read more

Patent Trolls – Can there Really be change coming?

There are rumors and plans on the table to change how the Patent System in the United States operates.  Will this mean that companies will not be able to patent the rounded rectangle???   It is more than obvious that reform needs to happen as two of the greatest innovators Google and Apple each spend more on Patent Litigation than they do on Research and Development.

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Life is Awesome

Every couple of weeks I troll through the archives at Ted Talks to find inspiration, to expand my thinking or to just kill 30 minutes but when I headed over today…I found all 3 in one shot.  Neil Pasricha the creator and contributor to 1000 Awesome Things which exploded from a simple blog, to a phenomenon that has Books, and Apps and dare I say it…the actual secrets to life embedded in it…well his speech on Ted Talks got me thinking.

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Building Your Future

One of the inner demons that I fight with every day is the planning of my future self today. There are infinite possibilities that we each face and the decisions of the moment all effect what tomorrow will bring.  Lately I have been looking further out into the future and building longer term plans than what and where I want to be 6 months or 1 year from now.  In doing so I have found some very interesting sites that really dive into the “global future perspective”.

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