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Reshaping the World of IT

For many IT Leaders, the constant barrage of new and emerging technology rings true as one of the biggest challenges that they face on a constant basis.  Nothing stands still, there is no status quo and for those that think that “just maintaining what they have” is a way to survive are deluding themselves.

Life is Awesome

Every couple of weeks I troll through the archives at Ted Talks to find inspiration, to expand my thinking or to just kill 30 minutes but when I headed over today…I found all 3 in one shot.  Neil Pasricha the creator and contributor to 1000 Awesome Things which exploded from a simple blog, to a…

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Building Your Future

One of the inner demons that I fight with every day is the planning of my future self today. There are infinite possibilities that we each face and the decisions of the moment all effect what tomorrow will bring.  Lately I have been looking further out into the future and building longer term plans than…

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What will the Future Hold????

Introspection is one of those things that is a double edged sword.  You can look to what is good and just and fair in the world or you can look to what is inherently negative and dangerous.  I am; or at least I try to be a realist…and in doing so I try to balance…

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Mesh Computing – A Tactical Cloud?

There has been talk of the future of Mesh Computing for a while and I have just fluffed it off a bit as something interesting but not really something that should be looked at deeper.  As reading a short article over at and with the talk of “Tactical Cloud Computing” being planned by the US…

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The Color of our Life

We live in a digital world…that is a given.  I can’t remember the last day that I in some way looked at a digital screen, my TV is a flat screen LCD, same with my monitor, phone, tablet, the laptop at work…everything is digital and all this technology while wonderful is causing some serious eye…

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Always On Real Time Access

On my phone and on my iPad I find my self never really disconnected.  The last time in fact I went even 24 hours without checking, responding and doing something online was more than 230 days ago when I was on a cruise in the Caribbean.  I get my email sent to my phone, I respond…

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Technology Revolution – Innovate or Die!

The companies I work with are constantly looking for ways that technology can not only empower the businesses they support but that can transform the business and organization into something more than it was.  I got thinking about this and have been thinking about it in preparation fore nearly every call I have.  It is…

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