Chris J Powell

What will the Future Hold????

Introspection is one of those things that is a double edged sword.  You can look to what is good and just and fair in the world or you can look to what is inherently negative and dangerous.  I am; or at least I try to be a realist…and in doing so I try to balance the information that I have at hand, with the current set of circumstances and build a plan around that.

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Mesh Computing – A Tactical Cloud?

There has been talk of the future of Mesh Computing for a while and I have just fluffed it off a bit as something interesting but not really something that should be looked at deeper.  As reading a short article over at and with the talk of “Tactical Cloud Computing” being planned by the US Army  I got thinking about that wonderful promise about how Mesh Computing will change the world and decided to take a deeper look.

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The Color of our Life

We live in a digital world…that is a given.  I can’t remember the last day that I in some way looked at a digital screen, my TV is a flat screen LCD, same with my monitor, phone, tablet, the laptop at work…everything is digital and all this technology while wonderful is causing some serious eye strain!  A few months ago my work environment (the monitor settings combined with low hanging flourescent lighting) was causing daily migraines that would not go away until the end of the work day.  This went on for weeks and as soon as my environment changed…so to did the headaches.

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Always On Real Time Access

On my phone and on my iPad I find my self never really disconnected.  The last time in fact I went even 24 hours without checking, responding and doing something online was more than 230 days ago when I was on a cruise in the Caribbean.  I get my email sent to my phone, I respond to customer requests at 11PM on a Friday night and I am diligent in keeping up this blog, my Social Profiles and connecting with as many people as I can.  What am I getting out of all this EXTRA work?

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Technology Revolution – Innovate or Die!

The companies I work with are constantly looking for ways that technology can not only empower the businesses they support but that can transform the business and organization into something more than it was.  I got thinking about this and have been thinking about it in preparation fore nearly every call I have.  It is one thing to think of the Technology Revolution that we are in the middle of as a Perfect Storm that is brought about by the perfect conditions that enable things like Big Data, Social Media, Mobility, Security and Cloud Computing swirl and build momentum…but I got thinking about Twenty Thousand Leauges Under the Sea.

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Know Your Role!

One thing that I have always struggled with in my own professional life is knowing my role.  I bring with me a lifetime of experiences that vary from time served in Canada’s Military to years and years of customer service in small family restaurants to.  I have a strong technical knowledge and I wear my heart on my sleeve so I struggle with knowing exactly where I fit in.

Before spinning off into a quite successful career as an actor, there was a WWE Wrestler that could provide a verbal tongue lashing as good as anyone.  The Rock used to preach to his opponents “Know Your Role, and Shut Your Mouth” and even though as I have grown older I have lost interest in the fantasy land that is the modern Wrestling Soap Opera the wild 90’s were a thing of beauty!

What do you do with your 480 minutes?

In each and every day there is just 1440 minutes available for us.  We can not defer any of that precious time, there are no do overs and you can not put any of it in the bank.  Assuming that you are lucky you will have 39447000 minutes available to you in your life.  For me I have used about 19986480 of my available minutes and while I have some regrets about what I have used them for I realize that the past is the past and I can not change that.  Looking to the future, every minute counts and I try to maximize each and every moment I have. In a typical work day our employers pay us for 480 minutes, some tasks take longer than others but when you develop laser focus and make the time that you have seriously then a perspective and clarity comes to you and you can start to focus on what is really important. As a Sales Professional that operates from a static office (also known as Inside Sales) I do not have … Read more

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”

Once again I look to Albert Einstein for some inspiration for today’s post.  I am a firm believer in making the personal investment in myself to ensure my own success.  I have had to find my own focus, target my own goals and fulfill my own needs because it would be unfair to myself to wait for others to do what I need for me.  You may have noticed that there is a theme developing around my daily posts but I digress.

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