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OS Sunday – A Tribute to the "Hoosier" in All of Us

After nearly 3 years of doing a weekly post on the amazing diversity of the Linux OS and its many derivatives I wonder how I still keep stumbling across new and always interesting versions of the the Operating System kernel that got its start way back in 1991.  This week though I take a bit of a turn away from the Pure Linux experience and visit a fork of one of my all time favorite OSes…OpenSolaris. Released just a few days ago, this newly minted OS has a lot of updates and although the main page for OpenIndiana does not sport the existence of this OS yet, the considerable efforts to build a solid Wiki for the previous iteration of the OS will hopefully remain relevant to my installation and the subsequent evaluation of the OS. It has been some time since I visited the world of anything related to OpenSolaris.  I remember during my initial foray into the world of OpenSource I was a true download hound and would spend hours, downloading, installing, testing and then starting over until … Read more

OS Sunday – Antergos for everyone?

It has been a long while since I sat down and did a proper evaluation of a Linux Desktop.

I went out to and took a look at the “movers and shakers” and noticed that there was a newer form of Linux that was moving up the charts.  Formerly known as Cinnarch, the Antergos Linux project bills itself “for everyone”…well if it is for everyone it should be for me too right?

The website and the project itself looks to be relatively professional in its layout.  The Community Page appears to be fairly active, with really quick responses to posts for assistance which is good, that is always important.

The options for downloads were pretty straight forward, there is a 64 bit, a 32 bit and a “Testing Branch” available for download.  Each of those options then has 2 versions, a full Live “CD” and then a Minimal version of that same ISO.  I chose to go for the 64 Bit Full Live CD and then spun up a VirtualBox with 4 GB of RAM and 20GB of storage on my trusty MonstaPuter.

The download of the ISO with the provided Torrent Link was quite fast and at 830 MB, the size was reasonable.

Booting to the Live environment was stable and relatively fast and when I went looking for the installer, it was relatively simple to go through.  I chose to use the graphical installer which is a vast improvement to the standard text based versions I have seen in other Arch Linux based distros.  The icon set that comes with Antergos is built by the great group over at numix and I chose to go for the Cinnamon Desktop (considering the project started out as a Cinnamon Based project), but there are 6 optional desktops to choose from, which is a nice option for anyone diving into a Linux Distro.

The installation took a reasonable 15 minutes and was most impressed with the integration with Google Web Fonts by default as well as the nice layout for the installation “preview screens”.

The initial boot was smooth and very reasonable and it was refreshing to see a completely clean and smooth desktop allowing me to customize things as I see fit.

When it comes to what you get with the 830 MB download and the use of the system, well during the installation, I opted to include the LibreOffice files into the installation so out of the box, the Antergos installation is ready to use as a complete system.


  • 7zip
  • HP Device Manager
  • Xfburn


  • Document Viewer
  • Gnome Image Viewer


  • Chromium Browser (Open Source Version of Google Chrome)
  • Empathy (Chat Client)
  • Transmission (Torrent Downloader


  • LibreOffice v (which is the current latest version)

Sound and Video

  • Cheese (webcam utility)
  • Totem Video Player
  • xNoise Music Player

Using the included PacMan (Package Manager), I was able to locate quite easily the other software that I would typically consider to be essential to a build for myself.

Overall, the Antergos LInux install and initial usage was both pleasant and easy to leap into.  The real question that I have would be, would I be able to get past the ease of use of my oh so familiar Ubuntu Linux to make this work for myself.  The simple answer would be yes, the complicated answer would be best left for another post, but if you are looking to get your feet wet with a solid, stable and easy to install/use Linus Operating System, the motto of Antergos would definitely apply as it is built for EVERYONE!




I am back – Krispy's Rants Lives…but now it is "i am krispy"

It has taken me far longer than I had anticipated, considering that I moved away from the world of shared hosting to becoming a System Admin all on my own but so far the experience has been not only worth it, it has been incredibly rewarding. I set up everything from scratch, using some great resources found on the interwebz and then dove into the modification of a theme that I think is pretty darn awesome! I was torn for several weeks about migrating to a different Content Management Solution other than WordPress but at the end of the day, it was by far the easiest, most supported and despite having no less than 10 reinstalls of the OS and the site, I am no ready to touch every single post on the site and reconnect all the broken and missing links. First off, the VPS Server that I chose was among the most affordable solutions I have ever seen, I went with as my provider with a 768 MB $5.00 per month setup, then I went about trying … Read more

OS Sunday – Not Quite Paranormal Activity!

It has been a while since I visited the world of BSD and as I prepare to set up a homebuilt NAS next week in my new home I figured it would be good to familiarize myself with the nuances and differences between Linux and BSD.  I chose to experiment with GhostBSD mostly because a brand new release had just come out that was based on the MATE desktop.  In the past, one of the things that had me steer away from BSD was that it felt…well Dated so I was intrigued by the use of MATE to form the backbone of the OS. As usual I set up an Oracle VirtualBox environment to install the rather substantial 1.81 GB ISO.  The VirtualBox set up was as usual 4 GB of RAM and 20 GB of HDD space which should be sufficient to take a look around and poke around under the hood.  I was pleasantly surprised with both how quickly the Live CD booted but also how easy the installation was…7 clicks and about 10 minutes and I was … Read more

OS Sunday – Dream Yourself a Dream Come True

The changes going on in my personal life had had me reflecting about a lot of different things lately.  The concept of not always thinking ahead and planning for every eventuality is becoming a thing of the past.  Sure I still plot and plan and think about the future but not as much as what I once did.  This concious act has had an interesting affect on me personally…I am remembering more of what my unconscious mind is doing during my now mandatory 7 hour rest period.  I am dreaming again and I am able to remember what I dreamt about…it is an experience that I have not had since I was a teenager and it is glorious. That being said, I have also made another fundamental change to my philosophy of life and it directly relates to not worrying about the future and has everything to do with living in the moment that is right in front of me.  We live in a digital world, with hundreds of gadgets and tools that can really make a difference in our … Read more

OS Sunday – Operating Under the Radar

We live in a society that every digital move we make is quite likely cataloged, monitored, analyzed and assessed as a threat or non-threat.  Governments do this “for our own protection” and Corporations do this to expand profits and Criminal Organizations do this to steal your identity.  It can be a scary thought to think about just how much “digital DNA” we each leave out there to be tracked back to us…but I am not a conspiracy theory nut (although I do read the blogs and listen to the pod casts), I am also not a Privacy Advocate or a member of Anonymous…I have no axe to grind or political agenda to promote…I am a Geek and that is it. That Simple. Each week I look to the world of Computer Operating Systems to explore the next generation of what I find interesting and share my findings right here on Sunday Mornings.  This week, I came across TAILS (the amnesic incognito live system) which as far as an OS goes…it is meant to reduce your digital footprint and empower an … Read more

Free App Friday – Where Oh Where Can I Find Just One More???

Rather than always look at an individual app for my Phone, Tablet, Desktop or even my Chromebook I thought that I would take a moment to look to some of the amazing places that Free Software lives its life just waiting to be found.  As an Ode to the Past I will start with the places I have been going for years to satisfy my “cheapness” and then work my way forward to some amazing new(er) sites that I have recently found. In the early days of the Interwebz I used to get my free software fix from a couple of sources.  One was Tucows.  Around since 1994, “The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software” has long been a go to for me when I am looking to fill a void in my needs for a free solution that could be resolved by a multi hundred dollar solution.  For a time, it was also one of my primary sources to find Linux Distros as well but I have since moved on to bigger and better sources for that. A mixture of Free … Read more

Designing the Perfect Home Network

My life is going through a lot of changes right now one of which is heading out on my own for the first time in over 20 years (my first year of college in 1992).  It is both scary and exciting and this time I am going to plan out the configuration of all the tech things extremely well before I even venture off into the great beyond.  I found a place yesterday and it has a lot of 1920’s charm right down to the plaster walls and short doors (and when I say short, the door to the bathroom will cause more than one bump on the head).  I am starting to plan out how I will layout my humble abode with both the furniture and gear that I have now but also start to make a plan on how I will leverage the technology that I have at hand and set things up just how I want it…with no consideration for those around me because it will be mine and mine alone! Because I will be living on … Read more

OS Sunday – By the Clear and Running Fountain…

The great country of Canada was mapped, explored and built by many brave people.  These French Canadians were called the Voyageurs and their story was one of hardship, exploration and travelling with only what they could carry on their backs and in their canoes.  They serve as the inspiration for this weeks look into the world of the Linux OS with the Xubuntu based distro called Voyager Live! As always for OS Sunday I am testing the Operating System in an Oracle Virtualbox environment that has 4 GB of RAM and a 20 GB HDD but considering that this customized version of Xubuntu is designed to run with much lower specs, it should be able to run like a top.  The download is just shy of 1 GB which is about 50 MB more than what the Xubuntu 14.04 that it is based on runs so it will be interesting to see what choices and changes were made to the overall setup and configuration. Off the bat, the Live Disk booted up to a crisp desktop with a well appointed … Read more

OS Sunday – When a Fork, is More than Just a Fork!

When I first started using Linux back in 2004-2005 there were not nearly the number of choices out there to sink your teeth into.  The community while already established and growing, did not have the capacity to build new versions of existing Operating Systems at the scale or complexity that we see today. monitors and shares the world of Linux very well and with more than 750 Active Linux Distribution, the choice can be at times daunting especially when most of these Distributions are Forks, Remixes and Reformats of other base Operating Systems.  Open Mandriva is one of those “Forks” but as I was about to find out, it has become much more than just a re-hash of the glory days of Mandriva Linux (before the near collapse in 2010). I departed from my usual download, install and test philosophy this week and did some pre-emptive looking at some other reviews.  Back in 2013, Matt Hartley over at said at the time: So what about OpenMandriva then? Is this distribution even a factor at this point? To be … Read more