Chris J Powell

Upgrading Krispy's Tech

Here we are into April already and I sit here plotting the upgrades in my life as I always seem to do this time of the year.  So far this year I have done a couple upgrades already with a new phone (upgraded my LG G3 to the new Huawei Nova Plus) and a new Tablet.  The phone upgrade was really because it was time, I did an early upgrade as the battery on my G3 was more than a little flakey.  The tablet though…may seem like a strange choice in a world that is constantly looking to be bigger and better as I got myself a diminutive Acer Iconia One Android Tablet that is not much bigger than my phone…but acts primarily as a ebook reader. In the coming weeks and months though, I am really looking at doing a monster upgrade of the tech and services that I am connected to. The first upgrade will be happening in a couple of weeks with a massive step up to a new ISP (Internet Service Provider) with some monster upgrades … Read more

What Are You Using That “Device” For?

There is a growing trend that we all need gadgets and devices to be able to do the things that we do. I myself have 3 Tablets, a Smart Phone, a Laptop and 2 Desktop PCs but what am I using all that Computing Power for? he reality of Consumerization is that the devices we have, serve different purposes and many times it may look like certain companies are running away with all the glory (take the iPad line with a 40% market share in total devices but account for over 80% of the Tablet internet traffic). I was looking through an article by Gale Gruman titled “When a smartphone is not a smartphone and a tablet is not a tablet” and it struck me that the devices that I use to surf the web, do research, build spread sheets and play games are all different but all the same in many ways but at the same time…VERY, VERY different. So I took a step back and looked at what I do on each of the devices that are uniquely connected … Read more