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Depression and Anxiety Mixed with Pain

It has been a rough ride for me for the past several months.  From a 4 month head ache, to an abscessed tooth to a flare up of my Psoriasis I have been left with an immutable amount of confusion and frustration over the current state of my life.  All of this combined with a job that saw me making less and less despite doing and accomplishing more and more, the rabbit hole that is my Anxiety came full force and drove me deep into the underground that I sometimes find myself in. It was my personal battle with Anxiety that has had me in and out of jobs and unfortunately there does not seem to be a real solution to “getting better”, and when you mix in the amount of real pain that I am in EVERY DAY it leaves me wondering what good am I doing for anyone. Then I take a step back and realize that I am not the only one going through these challenges, and I am definitely not the worst off out there, but … Read more

Long Day

Who knew that being a writer was not just about putting thoughts down onto paper or in my case letting my ramblings and meanderings flow through my fingers and onto the screen in front of me. You see, I recently moved all of my previous content (almost 5 years worth) from all the various sources to a single location on the newly minted home of “i am krispy”.  While the moving over of the data was easy, a simple 4 click endeavor…going back and attaching images, link checking and reviewing for duplicate posts was not only a challenge, but has been a mind numbing endeavor that after 11 hours I am only 50% complete. I am not saying that this activity is not important, the number of dead links that I have found are actually quite telling of just how much the internet changes over time.  What I am trying to get to is that if there is anyone out there thinking about taking on the role of a “blogger” whether it be for fun or profit, there is far … Read more

Free App Friday – Replacing WordPress

This is a topic that I have been flirting with for some time (basically since I started Krispy’s Rants in April of 2011.  While the power of the world’s most popular Content Management Solution (CMS) has served me well through several redesigns and a Web Host switch…a “corruption” of the Database last night is the straw that broke the camel’s back. So where do I start, well this has been my challenge right from the start.  I don’t want to have to learn the nuances of PHP Scripting to be able to function as a Blog but in many ways I am thinking that as someone with some Tech Savvy it is time to branch out and not be a slave to what ever is easiest.  There are lots of great alternatives and one of the things that the future of Krispy’s Rants must be is Open Source…so heading over to Open Source CMS lets me peer into the latest and greatest of what Open Source has to offer. Some ground Rules for my moving forward: Cannot be Ruby or Python … Read more

Knowing When to Walk Away

Some things look good on paper, and sometimes it is just hope that has them look good but when when the chips are down and there is only one person who can atone for the sins of the man…it is time to walk away.  The past two weeks I went on an experiment, looking to see if the world of call centres had changed in the 5 years that I was away from them…I can attest…they have not. Having come from a job that I loved the clients and many of my co-workers but suffered through much of the rest of the grind…I am not sure why I took on the role that I did, knowing it was a Call Centre.  They billed it as a Sales Professional’s dream gig, with great rewards and easy product to sell…well the reality is, I was nothing more than a glorified Telemarketer in Sales Professional’s clothing. In all the Sales Training that I have had in the past 5 years, the core rules of success have always included: Believe in Yourself (yep I … Read more

Be Thankful you Have a Job

It really is no secret.  The economy is not the greatest and for many it is not looking any better today than it did yesterday.  There are many realities that each of us must face and employment is one of them.  You may feel overworked, under appreciated, stressed or just fed up.  Take a step back and remember that it could be worse…this could be your job: I was thinking that today’s post would be nice and simple and just about perspective but when I was about to sign off and say cheers I had an epiphany.  Even though I am back to work, and everything seems ok…I still have a nagging feeling that it will not be the place for me long term and that I want more from life than working in a Call Center but I also realize that I said that about nearly every job that I have ever had.  I truly do look at the work that I do each day is about gaining “life lessons”. If you are a teenager or recent college grad…take … Read more

A New Dawn, A New Day

The adventure that is the life of Krispy continues to unravel before me.  It is interesting to see how the amount that things have changed in the past 5 years the more they stay the same and that I am making an unceremonious return to Call Center life (not what I thought would happen).  This is becoming one of those moments in my life that while it is not what I wanted, it is what I got and hey…4 1/2 years at Call Centers before making the leap to Sales for 5 years…it is the combination of both of these worlds. Training will be interesting as I take 5 years of Sales Experience and apply it to this new world that I will be living in.  One thing is for sure though…a Job is definitely not a Career and I will continue to explore my options as I plug away at making my “metrics” and focus on being productive and hopefully make some money as well. What will the future hold?  Well it is too early to tell but I … Read more

Big Day, Big Weekend, Big Week Ahead

For a Geek like me, much of my time is spent focusing on the core of all things digital.  That my be the media that I watch and listen to, the games that I play, the Images that I build or even more fun for me the “Digital Connections” that I make in this great big Virtual World that has become my second home.  But I must say that it has been a very interesting few days and the next few are set to be even more exciting. Part of my daughter’s “coming of age” as a Teenager has been a wild fascination with many of the same things that I was interested in when I was her age (sure there were not even Cell Phones back in the Dark Ages of the Mid 80’s and typing was mostly done on a type writer) but she has a keen interest in serving this country and has been leaning towards joining the Military but for now has gotten bitten by the Paintball Bug so for her birthday I picked some gear … Read more

Krispy's Rants – A New Beginning and Old Style

For those who have gotten to know me over the past 30 months here at Krispy’s Rants, I like to mark certain occassions with a post and today is no exception.  My daughter turned 14 yesterday…a land mark date in my life as I became a father for the first and only time so many years ago.  I have watched her grow and mature into a wonderful young woman and truly a “Geek 2.0” but at the same time, I spent much of yesterday prepping the guts of the new Krispy’s Rants in preparation for this historic post.  Life is all about New Beginnings and this fall…that is what I am all about.


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Facebook Phone! Why?

So the long rumored Facebook Phone has been announced but it is not quite a full Facebook Phone… makes EVERYTHING Facebooky and that is just not cool…at least that is my opinion.  Actually in looking at some of the functions of the new Facebook Home, it might actually be useful…maybe. During the announcement yesterday, Mark Zuckerburg (CEO of Facebook) said: we’re finally going to talk about that Facebook phone. Or more accurately we’re going to talk about how you can turn your Android phone into a great social, simple device Ok…so it is not a Facebook Phone?  Now I am confused, what is this an App or a Phone?  Well it is a bit of both.  Facebook partnered with HTC to make the HTC First to be the first native Facebook Home phone…so it is a phone…without being a phone?  Now I am really confused. In looking at the drama filled heartfelt video promotion it seems to be an altruistic endeavor to connect everyone together with the pervasive existence of SmartPhones.  Ok I can get on board with that…but Facebook … Read more

Are you an Agent of Change…or Just along for the Ride?

It doesn’t matter what role you play or what industry that you are in, there are those moments that you can see something on the horizon…it may be hazy, it may be out of focus…but you know that something is coming.  Our daily lives have us riding along the Information Super Highway at ever faster speeds and that hazy object becomes clear for only a fleeting second. There is a choice that can be made when we first notice that hazy object way off in the distance.  We can choose to ignore it, we can choose to bring that object into focus or we can just wait for it to come along and let it sweep us up. I have decided that I am going to focus on those objects on the horizon.  I am just not happy if I wait for someone else to take the lead and tell me what Change will bring.  The big picture is not always full of Sunshine and Lollipops but despite many people telling me that it is a bad thing to try … Read more