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Forbes Disruptors List for 2013 – Guess who is on it

I did a bit of a dance of joy last night when I was flipping through Zite on my iPad and noticed that Mark Shuttleworth the founder of Canonical and the Ubuntu Linux OS was on that list of 12 individuals.  The other 15 people…unfortunately I have not heard of (but I did read each of their Bios) and within the 12 categories that they will disrupt in 2013…the business world is in for a real change this year.  With 16 people on the list the average age of these industry disruptors is just 37.5…meaning that it is not the very young Generation Y or the older Baby Boomers that are making the changes to the world…it is people like well…ME! The real question for many would be why Mark Shuttleworth and his little Linux Company?  Well it is not so little anymore.  With an estimated 20 million users of Ubuntu and a really strong following both by developers and by a very active user community, Ubuntu has  become the little engine that could. In a quote in the Forbes Magazine … Read more

The Things about Technology that FRUSTRATE ME

There is no doubt that I love technology and all the wonderful things that it can do for me. In a moment’s notice I can be checking out the latest gadgets coming out of China and then switch over and listen to all my favorite music in streaming glory, then hop into Gamer Mode and have a rousing game of Ghost Recon with some guys in Poland that I will never meet.  It is amazing how connected we are and how easy technology has made things…until we peel back the layers and want to make things really happen! There are things that truly still get my ire up when it comes to technology and I am far more calm about these things than most would be, I guess it is my time spent using Open Source products that has given me some perspective. 1. New OS on Old Hardware There has been more than one occasion in the past that I have tried to update the OS on an older computer, both for myself, for friends and for family only … Read more

A Tribute to Marijeanne Avery-Raymer

Almost a decade ago, a wonderful person came into our lives in a most unexpected fashion.  While the family and I were living in Ottawa, Papa (George Foster – my father in-law) came for one of his semi-unplanned visits but this time he was bringing a special treat for us.  He had met someone new and wanted us to meet her. I know just how hard it is to meet the parents of someone you love for the first time but I can only imagine the challenge it must be when you are meeting the children and grandchild of someone special to you but Marijeanne not only took it in stride but from that day forward, she became a very special part of our lives.  On Saturday morning, her heart stopped and without warning, she was taken from us. For our entire family and for her own, the shock and disbelief still resides and her vibrant personality was always enough to fill a room.  We always looked forward to visiting her, either at the Retirement Villa in Wallaceburg (that was … Read more

LibreOffice 4.0 is out – Is it Right for YOU?

I spend a lot of my day using Microsoft Tools…it is the nature of my job.  I am left with very little choice to use Internet Explorer (certain productivity tools will only work with IE), and as a Sales Professional I generate my quotes in MS Word, do forecasting and scenario builds with MS Excel and build, show and manipulate presentations with MS PowerPoint.  It is the nature of what I have to do in the environment that I am in for almost 10 hours per day.  When I get home though, it is all Open Source (at least as much as possible) and while 90% of the computers at home run Linux…I do keep a computer running Windows 7 so that I can ensure compatibility with my work content. When I received word that LibreOffice 4.0 was released, I was more than a little excited as with each iteration, there has become more and more compatibility with existing features of the Microsoft Product line.  On the Windows Machine that I have running, I have the latest iteration of Microsoft … Read more

Technology – The Next Bullying Venue?

There is a voice inside of each and everyone one of us.  That voice can either be used to do good or to do harm and as a Parent of a teenage girl I am finding out that my Voice needs to find balance and help her find her way in this brave new world that within seconds can connect with people and ideas half way around the world. As a parent, I have a responsibility to protect my child.  I take that responsibility very seriously but as a human being living on this tiny blue orb flying through space I also have a responsibility as a global citizen to do my part to make it better for all who come after me. Technology is a wonderful thing.  While I know that if the internet was to end tomorrow the twitches and addiction that consumes me more than my long standing battle with tobacco would make it hard…I would survive!  the connections that I have made however will be difficult to give up.  The love of technology that I have … Read more

There is no Greater Feeling than a Father's Pride

There are a few ways to look at Pride.  The positive is the satisfaction with one’s own or others  actions and the negative which leads to an inflated sense of self worth.   I work very hard to never take too much credit for my actions and truly believe that it is better to give than it is to receive, but when your 13 year old daughter decides to include you as “One of her Hero’s” for a school project…well the Pride and Joy that I felt when she had me read her report needs to have a little recognition. Just over 13 years ago I became a father.  I truly did not think that it was possible to be prouder than that very moment but for 13 years, my little Geek 2.0 has continued to amaze me with her ability to adjust, grow and become one of the finest young women that I have ever met (and while I am her father…we get that statement from many others too).  While her moods are swinging and I know that there … Read more

Top 5% on LinkedIn…are you?

This week has been mostly about Social Media and Social Networking for me.  On a regular basis my colleagues and customers ask me about my efforts in this space and surprisingly this week, I was notified by LinkedIn that I was in their Top 5% of most viewed Profiles in 2012! With more than 200 Million Members that places my profile in the top 10 Million Profiles which when you start to break things down a bit seems a little defeating but the reality is…there are 190 Million other profiles that have not been looked at as much as mine and that to me forms a real sense of pride.  Being in that not so exclusive group of 10 Million had me call into question the value of a Social Profile, is it really about the views or is it more about the connections? Social Networking for me is not about building a collection or even Selling the Services that I “peddle” in my full time gig…it is about building a true network of like minded people who are willing … Read more

Inbox Zero – Lofty Goal or Easy Fix?

Increasing Productivity is one of those challenging goals that many of us hope to achieve but few truly achieve over an extended period.  There are Management Consultants that will charge companies ridiculous sums to come in and advise on how to improve corporate productivity but the reality is…much of the focus to improve productivity starts with the implementation of a system to manage the flood of email that comes to your inbox (s) each day. I have been looking at several focused and targeted ways to do this for months as I suffer from complete and total email overload most days.  I maintain 5 email addresses (that I actually check and use) and each and every day I receive between 700-1000 emails each and every day.  I looked at the inbox of each of these addresses and realized that I am an email Hoarder! My work inbox has 38 folders, my email has 15 folders and my well there are more than 8000 emails that I keep in the inbox (just in case). I came across an interesting … Read more

Social Media Leadership

One of the questions that I get asked by both clients and colleagues is how do you blend your Personal Brand with the Company Brand and not cross any lines?  I have to say it is a challenge but as one of the most active Social Media persona’s in my company, and someone who is constantly battling the dual master that I answer to (yes…that would be the two Brands that I try to promote) I would say that while a challenge, it is not that difficult to find the balance. As I approach my two year anniversary of Krispy’s Rants I figured I would take a step back and look at the work that I have done.  For this blog, I have made 603 Posts, connected with hundreds of clients and prospective clients through Social Media, mentored 8 different people on the use and promotion of Social Media and Personal Branding and most importantly…have increased my income by 5-10% because of all of this. Sure it has taken dedication and quite a bit of hard work.  Waking up and … Read more

Applying Game Theory to Life

The concept of looking at Game Theory and applying it to my life has been an ongoing concept that has been driving me towards success.  As I look deeper into the concept and focus on the applicability of the structure and concepts that power the Game Layer of our lives I wonder if it is really possible to turn my life into a Multiplayer Game that every move is planned for and in -some way choreographed? I have been accused of being far too analytic about everything that I do and this concept does not change that accusation but the reality is…Life is a Game…why not play it! There are lots of great resources out there on the Interwebz to point you in the direction of the application of Game Theory to your life.  I like the idea that there is process for building a better tomorrow and that every action that we take today has a butterfly effect that expands out like ripples in a pond. The 7 week course that I am taking on this concept is really … Read more