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Social Media Monday – A Day of Reflection

The final day of 2012 is here.  What a wild year it has been, filled with ups and downs and sideways turns but all in all a good year.  As I always do I take a moment on the last day of the year to reflect and look to whether or not I achieved an NET POSITIVE on the year.  I don’t do the whole New Year’s Resolution thing, it is just too hard to survive the January Blast of energy and continue into February with a resolution. Goal setting is an important aspect of my life and while the big picture does change (my 5 year plan) I do see some solid successes each year when I do this “day of reflection”.  I strongly recommend to everyone to take some time and look to what you accomplished in 2012, what you hope to do in 2013 and then formulate your 2013 set of Goals. Wikipedia defines Goal Setting as: Goal-setting ideally involves establishing specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-targeted objectives This is very important to remember and I would … Read more

Life in an Internet Minute

Technology amazingly brings us all so much closer together.  The power of the Internet and of Social Media allow for each and every one of us to connect in very unique and profound ways…EVERY MINUTE, OF EVERY DAY! The real question is…what happens in this great big world in the span of just ONE INTERNET MINUTE? 13,000 iPhone Applications are downloaded 600 new videos totaling more than 25 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube 60 new Blogs and 1500 Blog Posts are created 20 million Photo views on Flickr 100 new LinkedIn Accounts are created 69000 GB of Data is transferred 168 million emails are sent 695,500 Facebook Status Updates are generated 6 new Wikipedia Articles are published Infographic found at The list can literally go on for ever and this is happening in large part because of the proliferation of a Always Connected Lifestyle brought to us by the more than 1 Billion Smart Phones that reside in our pockets and go everywhere with us.  I truly feel that this sharing is good for us all, … Read more

Welcome to the End – Or the Beginning????

Today if you believe in the Mayan Long Count Calendar is the End.  The exclamation mark on a 5000+ year run…and the universe will now do a grand reset destroying and recreating everything!  I would like to think that this is all just a bunch of silliness and considering that it is now already Saturday in New Zealand the entire concept is really over.  We can do the recalculations, we can pretend that we didn’t fully understand the message but at the end of the day…they were wrong and we couldn’t actually ask them how they made their calculations! So if the End is not here, is it possible to have a New Beginning?  A personal Reset?  We strive to do this each year with New Year’s Resolutions so why not apply our “borrowed time” to a grand Reset of ourselves! What will you do with your “Extra Time”?  Take a step back and think of what is missing from your life.  Is it more money?  Stronger connections to your family?  Committing to Charity Work?   Getting a Promotion at … Read more

Help – Our Missing Pet "Chelsea"

Normally I am chomping at the bit each Sunday Morning to sink my teeth into a new, different or experimental Linux Distribution to share with you all but this week I really need your help.  On Friday, my wife and I picked up a new pet to complete our family once again as the loss of our 12 year companion Freya was a whole that needed to be filled.  I had some time off so we headed north to the same Breeder that we got Freya from and were on our way home.

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Life is Awesome

Every couple of weeks I troll through the archives at Ted Talks to find inspiration, to expand my thinking or to just kill 30 minutes but when I headed over today…I found all 3 in one shot.  Neil Pasricha the creator and contributor to 1000 Awesome Things which exploded from a simple blog, to a phenomenon that has Books, and Apps and dare I say it…the actual secrets to life embedded in it…well his speech on Ted Talks got me thinking.

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Windows 8 Has Arrived

I took my darling wife out shopping last night to locate a new Laptop for her and well I was actually quite surprised by the lack of buzz around the release of Windows 8 at two big box stores.  We found a interesting deal at one for an entry level machine that was right in the sweet spot of the price we were looking for and when my wife walked up to the machine…her reaction:  “Where is my Desktop?”

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Krispy's Rants is Moving

The world of Krispy’s Rants is changing.  This blog as you see it today will be ported over to and a New Krispy’s Rants is being built with an anticipated Release of Sunday September 16th.  Where will that be…well will be the new home for all the goodness that can not be found anywhere but a a Fresh Baked Donut! I am excited about the future! Cheers, Chris J Powell

Well begun is half done.

The title for today’s post comes from Aristotle…and I could not agree more.  There have been a series of challenges that I have faced recently that have had me dive very deeply into a introspective search for what “Krispy” needs from the world.  This includes continuing on with Krispy’s Rants or moving on.  The push and pull of life and all its sources of frustration…has me reevaluating EVERYTHING.

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Transform Yourself into a Better…well YOU!

There are many times in life that there needs to be a period of Introspection, Soul Searching and Goal Setting.  For most people it is at major “calendar events” like New Years, Birthdays, Anniversaries…I strongly believe that while having times to sit back and think about your accomplishments and plan and build future goals at these life events is important…it is far too limiting.  I have been building a “Personal Brand” aka Krispy for 18 months now…personally, I think I have done pretty well.  My personal Network has doubled in size (with people that I have actually interacted with in some way) and it continues to grow.

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