Chris J Powell

Grrrr…Technology I Forsake YOU!!!

Why is it that just when you think that you have everything “technology wise” running smoothly and efficiently that there is something that pops up and raises its head like an ugly spectre and has you consider life as a Luddite.  Much of my day yesterday was spent scraping together the remnants of Hard Drives that failed in my NAS system that just up and quit yesterday.

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"I was an Accomplice in my Own Frustration"

The quote that became the title for today’s post comes from British Playwright Peter Shaffer.  I looked at it and instantly realized that much of the things that I internalize and get frustrated by may come from the outside but the reality is…I am not only partially responsible for that frustration but I am also a willing accomplice to it festering inside of me.  This post is going to be fairly heavy on Quotes…because the reality is…there is a lot of good ones that fit my mindset right now.

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The Color of our Life

We live in a digital world…that is a given.  I can’t remember the last day that I in some way looked at a digital screen, my TV is a flat screen LCD, same with my monitor, phone, tablet, the laptop at work…everything is digital and all this technology while wonderful is causing some serious eye strain!  A few months ago my work environment (the monitor settings combined with low hanging flourescent lighting) was causing daily migraines that would not go away until the end of the work day.  This went on for weeks and as soon as my environment changed…so to did the headaches.

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A View from my Inbox

Each and everyday I pour through hundreds of emails, many being randomly generated SPAM that eat away at my day like an invading organism set to bring me to my knees but every once in a while…there is a nugget of hope.  The emails I get vary from important client emails that cause an action and reaction, co-worker generated SPAM all the way to those surprising emails that bring a smile to my face.

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The Future is Ours

This week I have been doing a lot of Soul Searching.  Looking to my inner champion to find the Will, the Drive and the Determination to continue on.  It has not been easy, I have had several roadblocks, barriers and challenges thrown in front of me…and then something steps out and slaps me in the face and reminds me that all the Negative inputs that are out there…are just there to remind us that the best foot forward is the one you place on the ground in the times that require us to press forward!

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My 14610 Days – Thank You

So I have now been around for 14610 days…for those without a calculator close by, yes that means today I turn 40!  I have accomplished many things with the time that I have been blessed to have in this life so far.  I have built hundreds of new connections with people all over the world because of the time I spend each morning right here.  I have had the opportunity to decode interesting algorithms like RQB6WF9N823G and have built/repaired/rehabbed more than 100 computers.

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The Pains of being a Social Butterfly

As a Sales Professional it pains me to hear from clients the way other Sales People leverage and use Social Media connections is becoming obtrusive and overbearing.  I take great pride in being very Socially active with a presence in many different avenues and work hard to be quite active on most of those Social Networks.  It wasn’t just one client complaining about this it has been 5 or 6 in the past week.

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Why are Sales People Despised?

As I was thumbing (or should I say “Indexing”) through some inspirational material for today’s post I found an interesting article from the Harvard Business Review titled “The Most Important Predictor of Sales Success” and author Philip Delves Broughton awakened a question that I feel in the pit of my stomach all too often as a Sales Professional.  “Why do people dislike what I do so much?”

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