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Happy Fathers Day – And Moving Day!!!

What a day.  It all started with a night of wrapping up the packing and getting ready for our big move, that was completed by just after midnight so technically…Father’s Day had already begun.  Setting alarm and back up alarm I prepared for an early rise to finish moving things up to the ground floor for the movers who were scheduled to arrive at 8:30 AM so I hauled myself out of bed at my usual pre 6AM and got everything situated.

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Lessons about New Beginnings

There are plenty of new beginnings about to happen around the Tech World.  Apple is set to release its much anticipated iOS 6 (but beware…not all your devices will have all the features), Microsoft is set to have a “BIG Announcement” on Monday and there are rumors floating with the most likely a release of an iPad Killer Tablet.  There was even an impressive resurgence in support for Linux at the Enterprise level when some of Techs heaviest hitters rallied around Red Hat Linux!  But the New Beginning that I am talking about is within me.

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Google's Small Victory

There was some good news for Google to come out of its long running court battle with Oracle yesterday as the Jury returned from a week of deliberations that relate to patent infringement on Oracles Java Patents.  It is important to remember that this is in opposition of the related Copyright Infringement that relates to the similarities in the Android API and the standard Java APIs. So does this mean that things are finally over between these Tech Giants and both companies can get back to building quality software for all of us to enjoy…well not quite.  Even though the Damages part of the trial have been cancelled by the judge, Oracle is not likely to leave this alone. Oracle is likely to appeal the Patent case and seek a retrial on the Copyright case but really…can’t we finally just focus on moving forward?  I look back 2 years ago when Oracle started beating its chest and saying that they would bring down Android and Google for its infringement.  A history of this case and the Patents involved can be … Read more

Why Krispy's Rants

Wow…sleeping in is a wonderful thing…that one more snooze feels so great in the morning.  Until you realize it is not Saturday and you actually have to go to work.  I had been riding a bit of a high after my day yesterday and I guess the inevitable crash took me down harder than I thought…I am even feeling a little under the weather (hopefully not with what ever has decided to take up  host in my daughter’s throat this week…she sounds awful!). So with all that being said, I should have taken the day off from posting and tweaked the site and my return to WordPress (did anyone notice?).  I just could not justify taking the day off as I made a promise to try not to miss a single day this year. Posting without a topic and losing the 40-45 minutes that I typically spend looking for a juicy nugget of Web Knowledge to share, mold and distribute…well that would not be fair to anyone out there.  Some “Pro Bloggers” say that don’t post if it isn’t going … Read more

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”

Once again I look to Albert Einstein for some inspiration for today’s post.  I am a firm believer in making the personal investment in myself to ensure my own success.  I have had to find my own focus, target my own goals and fulfill my own needs because it would be unfair to myself to wait for others to do what I need for me.  You may have noticed that there is a theme developing around my daily posts but I digress.

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