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Why are Sales People Despised?

As I was thumbing (or should I say “Indexing”) through some inspirational material for today’s post I found an interesting article from the Harvard Business Review titled “The Most Important Predictor of Sales Success” and author Philip Delves Broughton awakened a question that I feel in the pit of my stomach all too often as…

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Taking on a New Challenge – So you Want to be a Programmer?

As if my life is not busy enough, I have decided that it is time to actually fulfill one of my long time challenges.  To properly learn how to code.  Yes I am taking the same challenge that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg took at the beginning of 2012:

Happy Fathers Day – And Moving Day!!!

What a day.  It all started with a night of wrapping up the packing and getting ready for our big move, that was completed by just after midnight so technically…Father’s Day had already begun.  Setting alarm and back up alarm I prepared for an early rise to finish moving things up to the ground floor…

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Lessons about New Beginnings

There are plenty of new beginnings about to happen around the Tech World.  Apple is set to release its much anticipated iOS 6 (but beware…not all your devices will have all the features), Microsoft is set to have a “BIG Announcement” on Monday and there are rumors floating with the most likely a release of…

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I Dedicate this Day – To My Wife

There are certain milestones in ones life that will always be a measure of how well one has done.  14 years ago today I made a commitment to a woman who as stood by my side (almost everyday), has pushed me to success and picked me up during failure.  She has been my rock and…

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Google's Small Victory

There was some good news for Google to come out of its long running court battle with Oracle yesterday as the Jury returned from a week of deliberations that relate to patent infringement on Oracles Java Patents.  It is important to remember that this is in opposition of the related Copyright Infringement that relates to…

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Why Krispy's Rants

Wow…sleeping in is a wonderful thing…that one more snooze feels so great in the morning.  Until you realize it is not Saturday and you actually have to go to work.  I had been riding a bit of a high after my day yesterday and I guess the inevitable crash took me down harder than I…

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