Chris J Powell

Living La Vida Streaming

Recently I posted about my installation of Kodi and the configuring of the successor to Xbox Media Center to enable me to watch my favorite (and forgotten) TV Shows without the need to have a Cable Subscription.  For years I had been downloading those shows, renaming the files and configuring them into folders that in effect had consumed more than 2.5 TB of storage within my home network.  With my lightning fast Internet Connection this meant that I could grab my favorite shows the morning after they aired and then watch them when I got home from work. This concept has suited me just fine, for a long time and I probably would have continued to do this, but the reality is, the time it takes to source out the different shows that I like to watch, download, sort and get everything just so…well it starts to get time consuming and while I have plenty of time on my hands these days, I can’t help but think that there is a better way of doing things. And there is. The … Read more

WebApp Wednesday – Social Ease

I have had my ups and downs and backwards turns when it comes to using Social Media.  When working in Sales it was a daily go to, building and strengthening the connections and keeping alerted the the wants and needs of my customers and prospective customers.  The most important thing that I learned from 3 1/2 years of leveraging Social Media in a professional manner is speak with one voice…switching from Personal Krispy to Work Krispy and back and forth…well that doesn’t work.  Be WHO you are and the that will come out in all of your social posts. That being said though, now that I am not in Sales and in fact I am searching the open job market for anything to do, I find myself reaching back to Social Media and realizing that I really need to reconnect and rebuild the relationships as well as foster new ones if I am to make a real go at building a brighter tomorrow for myself and my family. Upon diving back into the world of Social Media Monitoring I took … Read more

Keeping Passwords Safe, Secure and Memorable

The digital reset that I recently went through had me logging into many sites that I had not been to in quite some time.  The number of Password Resets that I had to do was not only alarming, it was down right scary.  In this era of cloud security breaches and the use of “password and 123456” as the most common passwords out there it is no wonder that IT Leaders everywhere cringe a little bit when they think about the end user and how to build a better mouse trap. I was surprised to learn that my own bank has a limit of only 6 characters that is right no more, no less and no special characters allowed when logging into my banking system…that goes well outside my own naming convention that has 12 to 14 characters with Special Characters like $ and & interspersed in the key phrase that I typically use to log on to the services that keep my online life going. So if as end users, we are the collective weak point in the security … Read more

When is Big…Too Big

Android devices seem to be growing like a bad weed and after seeing an interesting advertisement yesterday for the largest “phone” available I was surprised to see that ASUS was not the only company looking to Supersize my smartphone. The concept of supersizing phones may seem to some to be getting out of hand but I don’t really see it that way.  If I can do away with carrying a phone and a Tablet and have just one device…that is not necessarily a bad thing.  In looking at the “inflation” and growth of phones in recent months, had a great side by side comparison of some of the top phones on the market: Thee Samsung Galaxy Mega in both 6.3 and 5.8 inch screens makes every other “super sized device look tiny in comparison but Samsung is not the only company expanding their line of phablets. Asus has also released a new supersized phone that is 7” and would really be a replacement for a Tablet and Phone (and has me very strongly looking at it as my next … Read more

The Things about Technology that FRUSTRATE ME

There is no doubt that I love technology and all the wonderful things that it can do for me. In a moment’s notice I can be checking out the latest gadgets coming out of China and then switch over and listen to all my favorite music in streaming glory, then hop into Gamer Mode and have a rousing game of Ghost Recon with some guys in Poland that I will never meet.  It is amazing how connected we are and how easy technology has made things…until we peel back the layers and want to make things really happen! There are things that truly still get my ire up when it comes to technology and I am far more calm about these things than most would be, I guess it is my time spent using Open Source products that has given me some perspective. 1. New OS on Old Hardware There has been more than one occasion in the past that I have tried to update the OS on an older computer, both for myself, for friends and for family only … Read more

Infographic of the Day – Samsung vs. Apple

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 yesterday, it is a safe bet that the competition between mobility giants Samsung and Apple is going to once again heat up.  I am actually finding it more than a little humorous that after the debacle that was the patent court case of the year in 2012, Samsung has not withered and died like I would suspect that Apple had hoped…it would appear that they used the loss as a marketing opportunity and ran with it…I guess any press is good press right? The Infographic today was brought to you via and the nice thing is, I didn’t have to go searching for it for a change.  Thanks to Allison Morris for forwarding it to me via email. Cheers, Chris J Powell  

The Future of Mobile Device Security

This week I have been promoting two colleagues that were over in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress but I also had two other good friends off on the West Coast of the United States at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.  James McCloskey and Jessica Ireland focused on the Security of things and I thought it might just be an interesting tie in to connect the dots with a week of Mobility with a little bit of Security. One of the key challenges of the new BYOD world that we live in is the general security of the Data that is being used by these devices that for the most part are out of the control of IT Leaders and their support staff.  Early in the conference, a start up company called Remotium was named as the most innovative and I thought it would be interesting to gain some understanding of how a company that has yet to receive any substantial funding can achieve such an impressive title. The premise of the service provided by Remotium is that the key … Read more

The End of another Year at MWC

All week I have been wishing for the warmer weather of Mediterranean coast with my colleagues Mark Tauschek and Mike Battista who are over in Barcelona Spain soaking in all the wonderful information at the Mobile World Congress and as the Mobility Event of the year wraps up…I took a look out to the wide world of wackiness that I missed! Over at CNet they have an interesting spin on the strange new products that are coming out and I thought that I would pick my favorite “strangeness” and look deeper at the products. First up…the Caterpiller CAT B15 Smartphone.  Taking the biased against Caterpiller out of the equation (for those unfamiliar, here in London, ON Caterpiller closed a plant last year after receiving Federal Grants to keep it running).  The concept of a truly ruggedized phone is interesting and it actually makes sense that the Heavy Equipment manufacturer puts its name to something like this. The specs for this Android Phone are on par with other mid to high end Smart Phones sporting a dual core 1GHz processor, 4 inch display … Read more

Infographic of the Day – The Power of Mobility

Continuing on with the Mobility Theme in honor of my colleagues who are over in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, today’s Infographic find is all about the Power of Mobility.  While BYOD may be all the rage today, the reality is there is much more that can be done as the world starts to realize that 1/7 of the population walks around with more computing power than was used to put man on the moon in their pocket! Cheers, Chris J Powell

Samsung KNOX – BYOD Savior or Just Another Layer?

Every report and whitepaper that I read tells me that BYOD is here and it is an enormous pain for IT Professionals.  There is not enough time or technology available for them to be able to ensure that the Network is Secure, that the right Apps are being used and that there is not a glut of confidential information walking out the door every night at 5PM just waiting for someone to forget their Smart Phone on the table of a Restaurant. Add to the mix the constant onslaught of new Apps that promise to make the world a better place and a gullible workforce that sees 99 cents as a great investment to make their life better and you have a situation that was designed from the very beginning to make the grown men and women of IT drop to their knees and cry. Then comes Samsung with its massive lead in handset sales (39.6% according to IDC report) and the promise to make everything better with its new KNOX product.  With the real announcement of its capabilities coming … Read more