Chris J Powell

Best Day on the Interwebz

April 1st or April Fool’s Day is a day that the Interwebz explodes with really interesting and often frustrating pranks done by Tech Companies.  Google has been one of the biggest pranksters and this year is no different: But they are not alone in the April Fool’s Pranks: has listed the NERF Nuke to ensure total domination in Office Warfare!   Even the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has got on board with a new form of funding: WestJet the Canadian Discount Airline also jumped on board with “Metric Time”: And the purveyor of all things interesting Reddit, is releasing “headdit” a new way of Up Voting and Liking content: Enjoy your April Fool’s Day! Cheers, Krispy

Throwback Thursday – Tech the World has Lost – Part 4

As we move to what is being called the Post PC Era (a land of wearable computers, tablets and smartphones) I think back to my first computer that I purchased for myself.  It goes all the way back to 1996 when I found an Advertisement in the Scarborough Weekly paper that for $1 per day I could have a brand new computer.  I thought that this was great as I had just assisted my boss upgrade his computer to Windows 95 using the 13 Floppy Disks that was the norm at that point.  I called and was approved for this wicked awesome deal (little did I know that it was $1 per day for the next 4 years…or something like that. Beyond getting hooked into an incredibly long lease on a computer that was more than obsolete before it was paid off I was the coolest kid going as I could get onto the Interwebz for the first time.  I remember my first ISP too, it was MSN dialup with the super fast 28.8 kbit dialup modem!!!  I was doing … Read more

Throwback Thursday – Tech the World has Lost Pt 3

Being born in 1972 gave me a unique experience of seeing the technology revolution that we have lived with over the past 4 decades first hand.  I have lived through the birth, growth and decline of the personal computer, I have been through 4 evolutions of music portability and have witnessed the first hand the power of mobile communications explode before my very eyes.  But Throwback Thursday is all about Tech that I really loved and miss deeply, this week I look to the Walkman.  For me in 1985, completing middle school and seeing my friends with this portable cassette player for the first time, I knew that I had to have one! The Walkman and the numerous imitators (that were often far more affordable) were all the craze throughout the 80’s.  It meant for me as a teenager I did not have to have my stereo blaring (although I still did) and I could take my mixed tapes with me anywhere I wanted. I had amassed a rather substantial cassette collection over the years that until recently had lived … Read more

I'm Lost Without Zite!

Before all the Flipboard fans out there jump all over me about some of the negative statements I may make here about their beloved App that feeds them their daily news content…I am not a fan, never have been…I just don’t get it…not at all.  I fell in love with Zite, an app that gave me the right amount of information, in the right doses and let me formulate what I would post about in record time. Since it was announced that Flipboard was purchasing Zite…I have been at a loss.  I re-installed Flipboard and tried to get behind the new master and I just don’t like how it is laid out, how it sanitizes what I want to look at and fails to give me as many options to find the content that actually interests me.  It is a sad day indeed, as I find myself having to resort back to Google and the Hunt and Peck method of content ingestion. What erks me about the Flipboard purchase is that they have all but stated that it is the … Read more

When Does Technology Get a Little Creepy?

I have tattoos…and if Motorola/Google/Lenovo follows through with a recent patent application…our Technology will become embedded into our skin.  Yes that is right, according to US Patent Application 20130294617 the world will see us connecting to our devices using BlueTooth/NFC/Zigbee directly…no more douchebag earbud for us! For the most part, I am ok with companies and the government knowing what I am surfing, emailing and even to a degree knowing where I am but this…this is going just a bit too far and bringing us closer to a world of Cyborgs and Techno Wizardry like seen in the 90’s Role Playing Games Cyberpunk and Shadow Run.  I don’t know if I am comfortable with tech being used in this way…but in all likelihood, I would get one because of the convenience of being able to remotely connect with what ever the future holds for us (hopefully not quite like Oscar winner movie Her…that too is pretty darn creepy). Cheers, Krispy  

The Digital Platform of Tomorrow

There are many things that bring us to what has become the Digital Platform that we all know and enjoy today. The Internet as we know it has been around since 1991 and Email just celebrated its 42nd birthday…but a Digital Platform is defined as: (Digital platforms) provide audio, video or data transmission in the real time or delayed mode in many networks, such as cable, satellite, terrestrial digital broadcasting and broadband networks So with digital platforms building out our ability to connect with any device, any time and almost anywhere…what does this mean for all of us? Will the future be as bright as is eluded to by the powers that be? The need to be connected is something that I struggle with on a daily basis. Putting down my phone, tablet, laptop or stepping away from my desktop even for a couple of hours is a real challenge. As the definition eludes to…it is not just all of that data that is tied to the Digital Platforms that we all interact with…it is Voice and Video too. Netflix … Read more

Memory Lane – My First Cell Phone

I have been carrying a Cell Phone on a daily basis since the fall of 1995. I remember the day that I got my phone quite well as I went to the International Plowing Match with my Father (an annual event for us growing up) when it was first in Roseville, ON. It was my Graduation Present from my dad at a time when I really needed personal communications as I was working as a Security Guard in Toronto and more than once had run into situations that a Cell Phone was a matter of life and death. At the time, there was no Smart Phones and the selection was not only limited…it was still fairly rare to see a phone that was not tethered to a vehicle. The Nokia 636 was and is a solid phone. It did not need a Sim Card as it was on the pre-PCS network provided by Bell Mobility. I went looking through the web for specs and well to compare this venerable phone to what is available today is just not possible as … Read more