Chris J Powell

The New Krispy – Style Makeover

So the time has come to really look to my closet and figure out what should stay or what should go.  You see, one thing that walking everywhere has done has made all of my clothes fit me like they were made by Omar the Tent Maker.  I went from a Large/Xtra Large Shirt to a Medium and from a 36 inch waist to a 34″ waist.  Belts don’t fit, pants and shorts can almost fit a second person inside with me and after 30 years of gathering clothes that had no real rhyme nor reason to the purchase (other than the collection of about 40 ties and my well known Friday Hawaiian Shirts) it is time to find my voice. Now it is important to note…I REALLY hate shopping and because I had been the same sized for the past 15 years, I could enter into any store, grab something that was my size and exit in under 5 minutes (barring a line up at the cashier)…but now my body has changed, my personality is different and I feel … Read more

Life Hacks Revisited – and Updated

My life has become a bit of a tangled mess of both interesting new adventures and mundane continuations of the drama that was before it was turned upside down.  I really enjoy the Krispy that I am becoming.  I am standing on my own two feet, moving forward and truly looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer and then reality sometimes creeps in to reveal that life is not really meant to be rainbows and unicorns. In many ways the Life Hacks that I have instituted into my life to help me remain focused on what I will be next June when the first year of my development into Krispy 2.0 is complete are going along…slowly.  I am finding that the loss of 1/3 of myself (weight wise) has started to add some unique challenges like joints that for no apparent reason slip out (shoulder and knee especially) and that while I am eating relatively healthy foods, I seem to be affected by common colds and flu like illnesses on a far more alarming rate. The new me does … Read more

Down But Not Out

Krispy has been in and out of a healthy state now for 1 full month…it has not been a pretty month to say the least.  In the past 30 days I think I have spent more time in the bathroom than in any other part of my home, but it does appear that the worst is over…for now.  I wish that everything was all glittery and full of Unicorns and Rainbows but the reality is, as my body goes through the changes of losing a lot of weight…I realize now that there are certain things that can not be ignored…like the warning signs that staying up all night studying and researching…is not healthy (especially when you don’t take food and water breaks)…so I fixed it all: Yes that is right…Canned Unicorn Meat will cure what ails you!  A quick sandwich with the glittery goodness of the mythological bit of SPAM and I am on the mend.  The magical powers of Unicorn meat are not well documented but I for one can attest that there are amazing healing powers contained in … Read more

Configuring A Life – Just Like a PC

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could truly just reset ourselves, reformat and come back faster stronger and more efficient just like when we install a new OS on a computer.  Each week I experiment with a different OS (mainly flavors of Linux but I digress).  I have some upcoming work to do and wanted to be able to do so within the Windows Ecosystem so out I pull a copy of Windows 8.1 and give it a whirl and I must say…the difference between 8 and 8.1 is enough to make me take notices and say…this actually works (even if the tiles are still annoying). You see, my life has had more than a few BSOD’s (Blue Screens of Death) in its day and while I am undertaking the largest reset and “reformat” of my life right now…I think I have everything laid out in a way that I will be able to keep things stable and clean for quite some time.  Over the past 15 years, I can honestly say that I have installed more than 500 Operating … Read more

The Quest for New

I am not sure what it is about the concept of New that has many of us working harder, saving up or worse…going into debt to achieve it.  New is nice, it is shiny, it tends to smell nice (nothing beats the new car smell) but I wonder…has this Quest lead the Western world down a path that it can not recover from?  Since I did the grand reset of my life earlier this year I have taken stock of what I want, what I need and what I have and when it comes to New…for the most part I have opted for the concept of New to Me. Some things in my life are New there is no doubt about it that purchasing underwear from a Thrift Store is not high on the priority list and while I am in the market for a New Smartphone, I would not be against picking up a used one from Kijiji or eBay.  All of the furniture that I have has been repurposed from my previous life or from thrift stores but … Read more

Infographic of the Week – To Beard or Not to Beard?

As the temperatures drop (at an ever increasing rate I must say) and another Canadian Winter befalls upon me, I have made a decision to grow some protection from the elements on my Pedestrian Commute but in this world of competing ideas of both beauty and what is the best look for us…I figured I would head out and see if I couldn’t find some information about beards in 2014 (beyond the look of the gang at Duck Dynasty or the guys in ZZ Top) I wanted to find out what would fit and frame my face for the next several months so I found an interesting collection from the gang at Mashable: Cheers and Fear the Beard, Krispy

Throwback Thursday – Longing for Lost Days

The past couple of days have been a bit of a blur, not because I was so busy doing exciting things but because I spent the last 48 hours sleeping…well most of it anyways.  I became very ill earlier this week forcing me away from the one thing that gets me out of the 4 walls that make up my home.  It was a very rough period, I honestly thought that I had reached the end of my time here…the fever, the shakes, the chills, the technicolour smile that I had when I was awake…it was not pretty. The reality of the situation is that while being sick really does suck, being sick and alone is even worse.  I found myself lying in bed, sweating buckets and trying to hydrate as best as I could but I just wanted to sleep.  No amount of technology could make me feel better.  This was really the first time that I was ill and alone in my entire life.  Not saying I have never been sick, or alone before…but for all my life … Read more

A Dad's Renewed Dedication

There are few things in this life that are truly unconditional but one of those things that are, are the love of a Father for his Child. 15 Years ago today I became a very lucky man when I heard the first tender cries from my beautiful Daughter.  I will never forget the first time I held her in my arms and when she opened her eyes, I could tell that she was meant to be my little girl (FOREVER).  The two of us share a very special bond, one that goes beyond Father and Daughter…we are like two peas cast from the same pod…many years apart. She is my little Geek 2.0 and I am so proud of everything that she does. I have put her through a lot over the years…10 moves in 15 years is a lot for anyone but for the most part, the moves were always to bring about positive change…at least I hope so. Her strength of character is something that inspires me to be the best that I can be…to never stop trying to improve and to be … Read more

Why For Must I Feel This Bad

I don’t know about you but have you ever had an ache so profound that even the comfort of your home office chair, a video game and some good music can not make it all go away.  I suspect it is a touch of the Man Flu that has finally taken hold of me…but that being said, I am to stubborn, broke and dedicated to miss out on a Monday! Well, day 18 of feeling like crap!  I think that this virus, bacteria or out right plague is finally starting to win as I am slowing down, despite my best efforts to battle through this! Cheers, Krispy  

Lifehack of the Day – Getting More Done…Through Motivation

Every couple of days I scour through the archives of for some insights and tips to make this life I have just a little better.  Amazingly, I am never left without something new to build into the reboot that my existence is going through and today was no different. You see, I am a very self motivated person.  I don’t really get a kick out of making more money or promotions (all though I won’t turn them down if offered).  I prefer to strive to make myself the best that I can be.  This is a progressive change and not something that I see as really possible with an overnight transition.  That is why, back in May of 2014 I set forth to build  a new and better Krispy in 12 months.  So far, I am far happier than I have been in years, I have lost more than 50 lbs and feel healthier than I have in decades…but I still feel the tinge of boredom at work…as if I am better than the position that I am in. This … Read more