Chris J Powell

Free Time – Rekindling a Love from my Youth

I find myself with far too much free time, time that I all to often spend all by myself.  I painfully find it difficult to connect with people who have similar interests to me, mainly because I choose for the most part to be a home body and don’t go out.  I have always been fortunate enough to have someone to spend time with so this did not really present itself as a problem until I really started to list the people that I could count on if I was in a jam…and beyond my wonderful girlfriend and family…the list is very, very short and none of them are within 100 km of my home. One of the things that helped me connect with the friends that I do have from a lifetime ago was a shared connection with a world that didn’t exist.  This love for the venerable Table Top Role Playing Game is something that my circle of friends growing up shared greatly.  We would devour Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS and later CyberPunk (and CyberPunk 2020) as well … Read more

What Next

I have been sitting here staring at the screen wondering what I should do with not only my life but with this online persona of Krispy that I have built over the past several years.  You see when I made my post about Observations of a Pedestrian Commuter on Thursday, I was struck not by just one but by two cars on my way to work.  I have been seriously thinking about my own mortality and what I should really do with my life moving forward.  I am at a perplexing cross-road in my life.  I can turn right, left or go straight ahead and I just don’t know which path will lead me to the best future. The way I see it, no path that I take moving forward is going to be easy.  In fact I actually hope that I never find that “easy street” because what is the fun in being handed everything without having to earn it…but at this point in my life, as I face the facts and start my life over again with the … Read more

New Feature – Observations of a Pedestrian Commuter – Part 1

For the past 4 months I have been taking a very active role in changing my body appearance.  When I lost my car in the marital separation I first took to riding a bicycle and then when I moved closer to work I started to walk to work everyday.  This 25 minute walk two times per day has had a dramatic change on both the way that I look and the way that I feel but I have been cautiously watching the people and the communities that I walk through each day and I figured that with the change of seasons soon upon us, I would take a Byte out of the world around me and share some of my observations as a pedestrian commuter. I have been very fortunate this summer in that despite the fact that it was very wet, I was only caught in the rain twice…one of them being yesterday…and the rain storm that hit this mall South Western Ontario City was a doozy.  I have been wet before…but in the span of 25 minutes I … Read more

A Whole New Thought Process

As I go through my personal transformation into what will be the Krispy of Tomorrow I sit back and wonder what I really want to do with my life.  This deep thought has me really wondering about the first 42 years of my life and the series of wrong turns, missteps and challenges that I have faced to put me in a position that I really need to focus on what tomorrow will be for me. New beginnings don’t happen very often and most definitely second chances to get things right don’t just appear so while I really want to take a more laisez faire attitude that has me stopping and smelling the roses…the focus for me for the next couple of years must be one of drive and determination.  You see, during the grand reset of my life, I have been placed into a position that I have to evaluate many things that I feel are important so I figured what better time to share with you all than right now the things that are going to make or … Read more

48 hours – What Would You Do?

One of the harshest realities that I face today is only having 48 hours to spend with my daughter.  It is tough.  I go through the week wondering what she is doing, how she is getting along and how her new life 50+ km away is progressing and I count the minutes until I see her next.  I have just 48 hours to spend with her each week and that really hurts.  It leaves a pain inside of me that comes out with every breath. I don’t think I will ever get used to this new reality that I face and I have never looked forward to the Christmas Break, Holidays and even PD Days as much as I do right now. My daughter gives me hope that my tomorrow will live on, no matter what I accomplish in my life, she is the single greatest thing that I have ever done. Being alone is a terrible sinking feeling and more than once I have felt the tingling feeling of depression creeping in upon me bu then I stop and … Read more

A Day Off – But Why?

School starts for countless thousands tomorrow but today, it is the unofficial end of Summer…Labour Day.  The funny thing about holidays, there is a history to them all.  Christmas is about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Easter about his Resurrection, Remembrance Day about those who gave their lives defending our Freedom…but what about Labour Day? I am not a fan of Labour Unions and personally think that they have outlived their usefulness in a modern society.   Sure, they are there to protect workers rights…but the reality is, in my humble opinion, they force undo hardships on the rest of us who are not fortunate enough to have the protection of a union in our work places.  Sure a Unionized Employee makes more money, has more job stability and has extra protections (and can go on strike if the employer does not live up to the collective bargaining agreement) but as we enter sit through the 120th Labour Day here in Canada…what have Unions done for us lately?  Should there be a day of celebration for the … Read more

Learning to Code – Geeks Unite

My love for computers has been there for a long time.  It runs deep and for the most part I have been involved with the hardware side of things with the occasional attempt to learn some coding.  I have tinkered with Visual Basic in the creation of Scripts to make my work environment a little easier, built some fanciful Big Data Applications to make researching easier and even tried my hand at building an application or two back in the post Dot Com bust but I everything that I have done in the past has always been to serve a very specific end.  I have learned just enough to complete the project that I was working on and never actually sat down and really learned how to do the things that would make me a true Coder Geek. When I signed up for a Data Science course a few months ago I found myself completely out of my depths when it comes to being able to keep up with the relatively light course load and it was mainly because I … Read more

Lifehack #1 – The Grand Reset

Recent actions by others in my life have caused me to do a whole lot of introspection lately.  Having gone through a terrifying time with my Mother’s Battle with Cancer (so far so good – the surgery went well, she is home and on the mend in a big way) but now I am faced with one of the biggest challenges of my adult life…moving on alone. I am now single (well sort of) and one of the biggest threats to my mental stability continues to breach itself in very ugly ways.  The debt that I brought with me leaving my 16 year marriage and I am really wondering if it is possible to make it through this really tough time right now.  To top things off, my daughter (the one true love of my life) is moving 45 minutes away to live with her Mom so now I have to really focus on the grand plan of a reset. But what do I reset and what do I keep the same?  I poured over everything that I have been … Read more

Throwback Thursday – Hacking My Life

With all the radical changes that have been happening in my life lately, I figured that it was time to really take a hard look at what I want out of the 2nd half of my life (assuming I can make it to the ripe old age of 84).  The past year has laid out many of the faults and flaws in what I thought was a solid life plan, and I could sink into a world view that had me questioning every decision that I have made in my adult life but what good would that do. For a long time I have looked to the power of the website for insight and tips on how to improve everything from my own productivity to getting the most out of the technology that I have all around me but now with this deep period of introspection in front of me…I figured I would dive into my future in full force and look for some ways to make me into the best person that I can be…while still retaining the “good” … Read more

Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Life has a funny way of kicking you in the teeth sometimes.  Sunday’s are usually reserved for a review of a Linux Operating System but today I find myself sitting in a cafe while my dirty clothes are scrubbed, spun and dried and I can’t help but think…why me? If I could get a do over on the past year I would gladly take it but then again, I would not be the person that I am had it not been for the challenges that I have faced in my past…you see despite the fact that I have lost so much in the past year…I have gained so much as well. You see that is the funny thing about Mental Illness, the darkness comes from everywhere and often times when you least expect it.  I have spent many a night tossing and turning trying to make sense of the thoughts and emotions that come over me and then I realize that the waves of pain that hit me…are not all of it is bad or negative (although the reality is…most … Read more