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Today is My Labour Day

For the almost 42 years that I have been blessed with the honour to walk this rock we all call home I have never really said to my Mom how much I appreciate how much she has done for me.  On July 12, 1972 she “spit” me out and I took my first breath so I look at today as my Labour Day as this was the day that I decided it was time to start thinking to come out and stay a while! Most people would pay tribute to Mom on the Second Sunday in May when conventionally the world says it is Mother’s Day but I have decided that from this day forward, for me at least…July 11th will be my day to pay a special tribute to my Mom. She is a really special person who has had more than her fair share of challenges and struggles over the years…many of which have been made by being a Mom to 5, small town boys who were and some may say are far from Angels. Mom, I love … Read more

My First University Assignment

There are many things that I am good at, I know this because I have done them and I have been successful (either by making money or being told by peers and colleagues) so entering into a Data Science Course through is definitely a step out of my comfort zone but one that I absolutely must do to expand my horizons. After sitting through the first series of lectures on the history of Big Data and getting a far greater appreciation of the challenges and benefits of leveraging Data Analysis and Data Science in real world actions I came to the point that I hit my first “Real World” assignment that involves the analysis of Real Time Twitter Feeds to look at the emotions and content of the world around me.  This hits me as very interesting as I have been toying around with the options of doing something like this to get a better understanding of the use of Social Media in a business environment for a while but never actually sat down and ran through the analysis. Here … Read more

Happy Birthday to the True North Strong and Free

I live in the greatest country in the world.  Sure I will complain about the weather (like how damn hot and muggy it has been this week and how bitterly cold the winter is) but all in all, I consider myself to be very fortunate enough to have one the genetic lottery and been born here.  Canada has abundant Natural Resources, solid Education and yes I have to say it for my friends to the South – FREE HEALTH CARE!  Today marks the 147th year that we have existed as a country and every day I can honestly say that I am proud to be Canadian! I thought that I would take an opportunity to list some of the historical facts that illustrate Canada’s Great Moments in History (as borrowed from Canadian History For Dummies Cheat Sheet 30,000–10,000 BC Prehistoric hunters cross over into Canada from Asia circa 1000 AD Leif Ericsson leads a Viking expedition to the New World 1451 The Iroquois Confederacy is formed 1497 John Cabot reaches Newfoundland (or perhaps Cape Breton) 1534 Jacques Cartier first explores the … Read more

Back to School – For Me???

As my daughter wraps up the final two days of Grade 9 I sit here thinking about the dozens of missed or lost opportunities that I have had over the years because of choices I made…what feels like a lifetime ago.  I would like to think that I am intelligent, hard working and have a future at just about anything that I attempt mainly because I am bull headed and don’t give up on things easily…but more than once, my choice to attend College instead of University has come back to bite me. It is funny because when I think back to 1991 and that singular choice that I made to accept the offer to attend Georgian College in Owen Sound Ontario I thought that I was making a good decision, one that would provide me and my future family a real future…the reality is…it has not done that. To all the young people out there, this is as much a warning to you as it is a cathartic call to action for me!  The choices that you make today … Read more

Today, Tomorrow…Forever

In many ways I have shifted my world view to something more of a short term forecast of my own destiny.  No longer do I plot and plan grand 5 year plans…and while I do see the value in the big picture, for far too long I was beholden to this future that I had painted for myself.  This grand artwork of Planning, Budgeting and Goal Setting served me well for many years but I lost sight of some very important parts of myself and of those around me and for that I can not apologize enough. Don’t get me wrong here…I am not in any way saying that Goals should not be set forth…I am saying that keeping the focus not on the long term plan but on the near term and adjusted not only with great frequency but also in smaller more bite sized pieces. I fell victim to the lure of the big prize at the end of the race.  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The carrot at the end of the … Read more

Politics on Friday???

Yes, Krispy’s Bytes is a Technology Blog and yes Friday’s are usually reserved for Free Apps but yesterday, the Province of Ontario headed off to the polls to decide the future of the 13.5 million people that call this great place home.  I have never hidden my political views, I tend to believe in Conservative beliefs and try to focus on doing for myself rather than waiting for someone else to do for me but even I struggled with the question of who to vote for yesterday. You see, Ontario was once the economic engine for all of Canada.  We built things here.  We Serviced things here.  We were proud of being the wealthiest and most progressive province in the Confederation of Canada but over the past decade…something rather foul started to crop up.  Businesses closed, jobs were lost and the power and economy shifted West to the Oil & Gas rich provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.  Propping up companies with bail outs and loans…just extended the inevitable and even here in the City I live in…there seems … Read more

The Future is NOW!!!

There are often things in our lives that take us down vastly different paths than we had originally thought we would take.  1 week ago I took a bold new step in my life when after nearly 16 years I am now on my own…no help or support from a spouse, no mommy or daddy to bail me out if things don’t quite go as expected.  I am my own man…really for the first time in my life (sure my first year of college I lived on my own but that was a life time ago). When it comes to this new life that I am carving out of the husk that was my old life I am not completely alone and despite one aspect of my life being over, I do truly believe that my future is far better off than it would have been had the status quo been maintained. This weekend marked the first Solo Parenting effort with my 14 year old daughter and while there was some challenges having moved into a one bedroom apartment…we are … Read more

Pride and Power – My Daughter is my Hero

I am a Father and there is nothing that makes me prouder than seeing my daughter grow into a powerful and independent young woman. At 14 years old, she is so very much in tune with what it is to be someone who stands up for what she believes in and is not afraid to do things that most others would not be able to do. When my daughter first came home with the idea that she would like to participate in the Make A Wish Foundation’s Go Blue Go Bald Campaign I was not only supportive of the idea I reminded her that while going Blue is one thing…going bald would be a bold statement and would show the world the power that one small act can have to make a change for someone else. The CCH Crusaders raised $690 in just a couple of weeks by leveraging Instagram and Facebook and spreading the word around their school but then it came time for the get together tonight at the Westmount Mall here in London with 102.3 Bob FM and the volunteers from South Western … Read more

Time for Changes

This past week has been vastly different for me thanks to everyone from around the globe who have taken time out of their day to read my posts, follow me on twitter and look to the links that I connect you to in my posts.  The image below is something that is becoming wildly fun to witness.  I built it by simply going to www.wordle.netand letting it scan the blog…pretty interesting…go try it!

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