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Data Visualization – Seeing the Bits for the Bytes they Provide

One of my favorite pass times is to surf the grand expanse of the Interwebz for new and exciting things in the world of technology and one of my favorite sites to start that search is over at where they showcase the amazing world of Start Up companies from around the globe.  Today, in my quest for something “new” and “exciting” I narrowed my search to Canadian Companies and stumbled across a very interesting new service that applies the ability to physically see the connections and apply some insights into the Bits and Bytes that we all generate every day. Regardless of being a Business, a Brand or an Individual one of the most difficult things to do with all the many Social Media channels that we operate in is to have a real understanding of what the measure and influence is of the things that we do.  Social Media is the great and grand equalizer and regardless of if you are a small Local Business, Global Brand or a dude like me just looking to make a buck…understanding … Read more

Infographic of the Week – The Sheer Size of My Information Overload

I am on a quest to figure out what my life will become, what needs to be cut out and what I need to expand upon.  I realized that the Information Overload that I experience every single day is starting to get out of hand and one of the first things that I will have to do is focus on what is truly important to me and to my future and place focus on that…but I stumbled across a very interesting Infographic that lays out the world of Data Growth and for those that don’t know the difference between a Megabyte and a Petabyte…well here is a quick reference for you all! Brought to you by datascience@berkeley: Master of Information and Data Science Cheers, Krispy

What is in a Brand?

Brands come and go, there is an ebb and flow to the consumer confidence and in the ability of a company or individual to influence and command…but what is it about a brand like Google, Apple, MacDonald’s or AT&T that has them command the top values in the world?  How can individuals or small businesses take the $158 Million Dollar Brand Value of Google and translate it to themselves? When I was in the heart of building my Personal Brand and focused on nothing but my career as a Sales Guy I did a lot of studying on what goes into building a Personal Brand and how to communicate value like the big guys (without a massive marketing budget or a team of professionals to support me). For every person, corporation or product…success did not come over night.  It did not come without hard work and an application of a strategy that took them from zero to hero…and very few brands have been able to maintain success for ever.  Probably one of the few companies that have continued on a … Read more

Throwback Thursday – Tech the World has Lost – Part 6

From time to time on most of the Social Media Networks out there, there are Throwback images of Cassettes and Pencils bringing back memories of the days long before digital media made listening to music so easy.  This week I take a step back in time to 1983 when Cable TV first came to my home town in Mid-western Ontario.  Collectively we love our TV and our home was no different but with 5 young boys running around the house…the Channel Knob on the console TV that we had in the living room was taking a royal beating so when this week’s device came into our home, it ushered in a new concept…the Couch Potato! The ability to change channels without having to get off our butts was an amazing option and allowed us to explore the 20+ TV Channels that we got in the new reality of having Cable (yeah that is right kiddies, there wasn’t always 200+ Channels with nothing on). The wired “Clicker” is a far cry from the high tech remotes we have today but for … Read more

Personal Innovation – A Buzz Word or a Reality?

It doesn’t matter what job you do or what your business produces, sells or consults on, unless you have been under a rock for the past couple of years I am sure you have heard some one or read some where that Innovation is the new Black! But if Innovation in Business is the “Next Big Thing” and “Everyone is Doing It” then how can you differentiate yourself?  Rather than looking at business strategies that are meant to transform a sluggish business in an economy that may very well take another 5 years to recover…I figured I would take a look at personal innovation and how the things that you do personally and professionally can be used to both innovate your life but also your career. Over at there is a great definition of Personal Innovation: Personal Innovation is about innovating yourself and making yourself better at whatever it is you do.  If you have customers, and they are currently happy, take it to the next level and just wow them with more, if you think you have reached … Read more

Throwback Thursday – Tech the World has Lost Pt 3

Being born in 1972 gave me a unique experience of seeing the technology revolution that we have lived with over the past 4 decades first hand.  I have lived through the birth, growth and decline of the personal computer, I have been through 4 evolutions of music portability and have witnessed the first hand the power of mobile communications explode before my very eyes.  But Throwback Thursday is all about Tech that I really loved and miss deeply, this week I look to the Walkman.  For me in 1985, completing middle school and seeing my friends with this portable cassette player for the first time, I knew that I had to have one! The Walkman and the numerous imitators (that were often far more affordable) were all the craze throughout the 80’s.  It meant for me as a teenager I did not have to have my stereo blaring (although I still did) and I could take my mixed tapes with me anywhere I wanted. I had amassed a rather substantial cassette collection over the years that until recently had lived … Read more

Infographic – BYOD aka Bring Your Own Droid

In my time of working with IT Leaders around the world there was a “lesser of two evils” that existed when it came to their BYOD Plans and more often then not, it defaulted to the Apple iPhone for ease of maintenance and support for their existing teams. Well that is quickly coming to an end as this week’s Infographic shows: by JanBorunda. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually. Cheers, Krispy

The Digital Platform of Tomorrow

There are many things that bring us to what has become the Digital Platform that we all know and enjoy today. The Internet as we know it has been around since 1991 and Email just celebrated its 42nd birthday…but a Digital Platform is defined as: (Digital platforms) provide audio, video or data transmission in the real time or delayed mode in many networks, such as cable, satellite, terrestrial digital broadcasting and broadband networks So with digital platforms building out our ability to connect with any device, any time and almost anywhere…what does this mean for all of us? Will the future be as bright as is eluded to by the powers that be? The need to be connected is something that I struggle with on a daily basis. Putting down my phone, tablet, laptop or stepping away from my desktop even for a couple of hours is a real challenge. As the definition eludes to…it is not just all of that data that is tied to the Digital Platforms that we all interact with…it is Voice and Video too. Netflix … Read more

How big is the Internet???

I love my PC, my Tablets and Laptop/Netbooks that I have at home.  The ability to be able to find any information that I want and dive level the digital divide is huge but one thing that I did not realize is just how much of an impact it has had on the world.  Now we can thank Al Gore for inventing the Internet (or did he) as we fire up a browser and look for our daily news, blogs, games and social connections but what is the real impact that the expansive World Wide Web has had on all of us?

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