Chris J Powell

The Classic Battle: Today vs. Tomorrow

For my clients time is the one commodity that they find a challenge and wish that some enterprising young inventor could come up with a way of adding just one hour to their day without them having to give up an hour of something else. While I have no fancy plan in my bag of sales tricks that can actually fix this for them I do strive to assist all of my clients with using their time effectively.  We joke all the time that even for the slowest of IT Shops the To Do List is about 14 items long and there is only time to get 8 of them done on any given day but more importantly there is a constant question of “How do I employ solid long term and short term strategy while remaining firmly rooted in having a tactical plan that allows me to remain agile enough to meet the unexpected?” Strategy vs. Tactics or Today vs. Tomorrow It is a constant tug of war in trying to find the time to build a solid business … Read more