Chris J Powell

A New Browser – and More???

So every once in a while I will get a random request for me to look at a piece of software, application or service.  Most of the time I look quickly at the request and then glance at the proposal and move on…not having much interest in doing that type of review work…but recently as my time and energy are being summarily pulled in many different directions, I realized that maybe I should actually take a closer look at these request. The lead developer on a project called BriskBard reached out to me and in the email said: I developed BriskBard and I’m looking for help getting the word out about it. I would appreciate any mention you can make, either on your website or elsewhere. Ok…not a major ask and I do tend to look over these types of requests and just because of time constraints don’t do much about them.  But there was something interesting about this concept, one that I remember from back in the original Browser Battle Days of Netscape vs Internet Explorer and then in … Read more

Living La Vida Streaming

Recently I posted about my installation of Kodi and the configuring of the successor to Xbox Media Center to enable me to watch my favorite (and forgotten) TV Shows without the need to have a Cable Subscription.  For years I had been downloading those shows, renaming the files and configuring them into folders that in effect had consumed more than 2.5 TB of storage within my home network.  With my lightning fast Internet Connection this meant that I could grab my favorite shows the morning after they aired and then watch them when I got home from work. This concept has suited me just fine, for a long time and I probably would have continued to do this, but the reality is, the time it takes to source out the different shows that I like to watch, download, sort and get everything just so…well it starts to get time consuming and while I have plenty of time on my hands these days, I can’t help but think that there is a better way of doing things. And there is. The … Read more

The iWatch – Why?

Ok, I get the importance of “wearables” but the look and feel of the iWatch is not something that I can really get behind.  That might have something to do with the fact that I would never have an iPhone, in fact I would not purchase anything from Apple with my own money (the iPad that I had was a prize from work a few years ago and is not in the possession of my wonderful daughter). Looking at the iWatch, it is slick and has lots of options, but as a wearer of watches (I never leave home without one on my wrist), I just don’t get the need for a square face…they are just but ugly.  Sure you give up some screen real estate when you go with a circle but who can really compare the look and feel of a Moto360 with the clunkiness of the iWatch: I looked through the thorough comparison of the two watches over at Tech Radar and for my money and “style” the Moto360 is by far a superior purchase, even if the … Read more

WebApp Wednesday – Social Ease

I have had my ups and downs and backwards turns when it comes to using Social Media.  When working in Sales it was a daily go to, building and strengthening the connections and keeping alerted the the wants and needs of my customers and prospective customers.  The most important thing that I learned from 3 1/2 years of leveraging Social Media in a professional manner is speak with one voice…switching from Personal Krispy to Work Krispy and back and forth…well that doesn’t work.  Be WHO you are and the that will come out in all of your social posts. That being said though, now that I am not in Sales and in fact I am searching the open job market for anything to do, I find myself reaching back to Social Media and realizing that I really need to reconnect and rebuild the relationships as well as foster new ones if I am to make a real go at building a brighter tomorrow for myself and my family. Upon diving back into the world of Social Media Monitoring I took … Read more

OS Sunday – A Tribute to the "Hoosier" in All of Us

After nearly 3 years of doing a weekly post on the amazing diversity of the Linux OS and its many derivatives I wonder how I still keep stumbling across new and always interesting versions of the the Operating System kernel that got its start way back in 1991.  This week though I take a bit of a turn away from the Pure Linux experience and visit a fork of one of my all time favorite OSes…OpenSolaris. Released just a few days ago, this newly minted OS has a lot of updates and although the main page for OpenIndiana does not sport the existence of this OS yet, the considerable efforts to build a solid Wiki for the previous iteration of the OS will hopefully remain relevant to my installation and the subsequent evaluation of the OS. It has been some time since I visited the world of anything related to OpenSolaris.  I remember during my initial foray into the world of OpenSource I was a true download hound and would spend hours, downloading, installing, testing and then starting over until … Read more

WebApp Wednesday – Markdown

During my evaluation of Content Management Solutions for the relaunch of this site I looked at a lot of Flat File CMS’s that not only supported the Markdown Language but were built directly around it.  Despite returning to the site’s roots as a WordPress based website, I fell in love with the idea of being able to not only write the posts and pages in a language that was easy to understand where the code was coming from, but would also enable me to port the information over to PDF in real time without loosing any formatting or needing to rebuild things with the wonderful world of Copy & Paste. I live and breath with the Chrome Browser and as nice as it is to be able to leverage a native application, I found myself needing the option to be able to move from my Desktop, to my Chromebook to my Tablet and to my phone with a single application that I could save my .md files directly to my Google Drive that is enabled across all of the devices…and … Read more

Is Sony to Blame for the Latest Breach???

Data Breaches and Sony seem to be a fairly consistent theme.  Remember back to 2011 when the Play Station Network suffered a breach that leaked out 77 million records…well if you hadn’t heard, it happened again for the media giant…and this time…it is likely to cost a lot more than the $177 million that the last one did. The real question that must be asked is who’s fault is it?  Well the first line of defense against a data breach is each and every one of Sony’s 141,000 employees…and every company out there should take a lesson from the acts, actions and inactions that lead to the leaking of this information. While I have not personally seen any of the leaked files, the reports that I have seen list one of the main culprits in the breach as being the inclusion of plain text “password files” that had all the information the hackers needed right there in plain sight.  Access codes and a road map to the deepest darkest levels of the Sony “Digital Empire”.  Sure, some of this was … Read more

Build vs Buy – My own NAS Conundrum

As it stands right now, I have way too many computers kicking around my home.  My Desktop PC affectionately known as the MonstaPuter, my current Media Server, my Chromebook, my Nexus 4 Smartphone and 3 Tablets…and when my daughter comes over…well then the network grows with her own HTC Desire Smartphone and her iPad. There is a plethora of options out there to just buy a NAS that will allow me to 24/7 stream my data, videos and music to any device that comes within the confines of my network but they tend to be a bit pricey for my liking and because I already have lots of components kicking around and being a cheap bastard that I am…I figured it was now time to actually commit to the act of building a real NAS, instead of living life with a jury rigged setup like I have. Currently, I have just over 11 TB of storage available for me, but that is actually coming close to being at capacity so like any good geek that has time on his hands, … Read more

Krispy's Tech News of the Week – November 21, 2014

Back in the early days of my blogging I used to scour the web for ideas and things that inspired me.  The topics and ideas that are out there on the Interwebz are incredible and the time needed to actually dive into the concept of keeping up with Technology is, well challenging to say the least.  I was reading through my archived posts from the early days of when the Rants were Fresh and the Idea of Blogging every day was a tool for building connections with my clients as I sold IT Research and Advisory Services with the Info-Tech Research Group which is filled with some incredible people that really made an impact in the lives of IT Professionals around the world. Now, almost 4 years after my first post, I am bringing back the Krispifications that I used to publish from sources around the Information Highway and sharing what I have found to be the best of the week (3 or 4 quick bytes of information). Contributor by Google Google like no other company has benefited from the world … Read more

Joining the Lollipop Guild

For those who know me, I am not very patient when it comes to things that are within my power to control the outcome.  That is one of the main reasons why I dislike taking the bus…standing around waiting for someone else to drive me somewhere seems like such a waste of time.  I could have waited for the Over the Air (OTA) update for my Nexus 4 so that I could have the latest and greatest that Android has to offer but that is just not in my nature so within hours of the release of the the Factory Image of Android 5.0 I was sitting down and pushing the OS onto my phone and so far, I couldn’t be happier! I followed the relatively simple instructions found over at the International Business Times website and bam…I was not only updated…I was transported to a brand new phone. Some of the most notable features that I have noticed 36 hours in include: Improved Battery Performance At this point it is just anecdotal but I am seeing about 1 to 1.5 hours … Read more