Chris J Powell

Against All Odds…BE A DAD

There are many things in life that make us wonder what the next step is.  I have taken on many new and unforeseen responsibilities in the past year and while many of these things make me scratch my head and wonder if it is all worth it, at the end of the day I have no doubt that it is. For any Father, Dad or Male Role Model out there, if you are going to step up to impregnate, act as a father or be a dad…this job is for life!!! REALIZE THAT AND DON’T DO IT IF YOU CAN’T MAN UP!!! I find myself faced with the challenge of being a Father and a Dad to my own child but through the blessing of finding my one true love after 44 years, I have inherited two other children whose own fathers/dads have seen fit to decide that the job was either too difficult or not worth the reward! Well I call BULL SHIT on that one. If any male is man enough to impregnate a woman…than they should be … Read more

A Broken Heart…Not Easily Mended

Loss is something that hits all many times in our lives.  That loss can come from relationship breakdowns, separation from family, financial ruin or the unplanned career changes.  The worst and personally most difficult to deal with is the loss of a family member. I have had experience with this type of loss in the past.  It has not been easy…it has been painful. The hardest to deal with though is when it is not a member of your direct family…but when someone you love deeply looses someone, I find it doubly difficult to adapt, cope and deal with all the emotions and turmoil. Most recently, a great man left us.  He had many challenges that in his 7 decades of life he was not able to fully overcome.  His actions always spoke volumes for the man he was though and even though part of the legacy that he will leave is memories and challenges, he will be deeply missed. This great man, while not related to me by blood or by marriage (just 29 days until I could call … Read more

A New Browser – and More???

So every once in a while I will get a random request for me to look at a piece of software, application or service.  Most of the time I look quickly at the request and then glance at the proposal and move on…not having much interest in doing that type of review work…but recently as my time and energy are being summarily pulled in many different directions, I realized that maybe I should actually take a closer look at these request. The lead developer on a project called BriskBard reached out to me and in the email said: I developed BriskBard and I’m looking for help getting the word out about it. I would appreciate any mention you can make, either on your website or elsewhere. Ok…not a major ask and I do tend to look over these types of requests and just because of time constraints don’t do much about them.  But there was something interesting about this concept, one that I remember from back in the original Browser Battle Days of Netscape vs Internet Explorer and then in … Read more

So I am 44, Now What

Every year around this time (ie yesterday), I turn a year older and this causes me to sit back and look to the previous year and contemplate what I have done, what I am doing and what I will do. Last year I looked at the number 43 (post has gone missing), and what that means to me, but just after that post an amazing thing happened…life has a funny way of giving you exactly what you don’t know you are looking for.  I met a wonderful, understanding life partner who has brought great joy and happiness over the past year. As I celebrated the completion of 43 years on this rock and enter into my 44th year with something truly amazing to look forward to. I now have an amazingly complex newly extended family, my daughter now lives with me full time and wedding bells will soon be heard throughout the land as I commit myself to the most wonderful woman I have ever met. As I sit back and reflect on the passage of time I see that … Read more

More Get Up and Go Go

For some time now I have been mired in a struggle.  This struggle was in many ways untenable but last Friday I made a true commitment to turning my life around and in the middle of it all, I am some how saving money. So what is this more get up and go go that I speak of…well let me introduce you to Bixby…my new ride!   This thing of Yellow/Orange pride is the latest edition to my life.  It rides so smooth, has just the right amount of tech (yes bluetooth music…so that I can maximize my Spotify Subscription). So far, the fuel economy is amazing (cost savings of more than $200 per month is what I am anticipating) but more importantly, as I start out on my new business venture…it will become a big part of what I will be in the years to come. By far the best part of this little shiny bit of goodness is the heated seats…nothing says good morning like a warm “Tushie” nestled in leather seats!!! Stay tuned for more on Bixby … Read more

Geeking Out with Browsers

For most of us, the Web Browser is nothing more than a utility to check our Facebook, browse websites, even check our email and connect with friends and family. In the nearly 20 years that I have actively been involved with this great big world that is the Interwebz I have seen more than my fair share of browsers come and go.  The past few years has seen me tied pretty tightly with Google Chrome, both as a browser on all computers that I work with and as the Operating System of my rock solid little Chromebook. To give a bit of a run down, there are several “common” browsers out there: Internet Explorer – IE When it comes to the most commonly used web browser, look no further than the venerable Internet Explorer from Microsoft.  Directly tied to their Windows Operating System, IE has been used by most who head out to the Internet in search of deals, information or love (a bit of a throw back to Valentines day on Sunday). Back in 2003, Internet Explorer had an … Read more

Krispy's Tech News of the Week – November 21, 2014

Back in the early days of my blogging I used to scour the web for ideas and things that inspired me.  The topics and ideas that are out there on the Interwebz are incredible and the time needed to actually dive into the concept of keeping up with Technology is, well challenging to say the least.  I was reading through my archived posts from the early days of when the Rants were Fresh and the Idea of Blogging every day was a tool for building connections with my clients as I sold IT Research and Advisory Services with the Info-Tech Research Group which is filled with some incredible people that really made an impact in the lives of IT Professionals around the world. Now, almost 4 years after my first post, I am bringing back the Krispifications that I used to publish from sources around the Information Highway and sharing what I have found to be the best of the week (3 or 4 quick bytes of information). Contributor by Google Google like no other company has benefited from the world … Read more

This Day in Tech History – In the Beginning

November 26 On this day in 1975, Microsoft Founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen registered the name Microsoft with the Secretary of State in New Mexico, before that time it had operated as Micro-Soft an abbreviation of Microcomputer and Software…today we all know it as the IT Behemoth that rules the desktop!

Why I Can't Wait to Join the Lollipop Guild

Many people I know love their Mac’s and iPhone’s but for me…nothing suits my personality better than an Android Phone and a Linux Desktop.  Sure I begrudgingly use Windows, have owned an iPad but my Android Tablet (an Acer B1-710) and my Android Phone (currently a Nexus 4) have never let me down and I can’t wait for November 3, 2014 when the next iteration of Android is officially released.  Joining the Lollipop Guild and the new freedom and “Material Design” that is included is going to be magical…but what are those features that appeal most to me? Having had Android devices that range back to the Eclair Release in 2009, the impending release of Lollipop has some interesting features that I really do look forward to.  Topping the charts include: Device Setup and Sync: When the day comes for my next upgrade, it will be to another Lollipop device.  I am debating the Nexus 6 but also thinking that it might be time to give an HTC device a whirl, although the MotoX still has this interesting appeal to me…but … Read more

Timmie's You Are Dead To Me

Here in Canada we have a few institutions that define us as who and what we are, Hockey Night in Canada, Public Healthcare and the ever present Tim Horton’s Donut shops that seem to be on every street corner in this country.  We love our coffee so much, we take it with us when we go to war…and this is all good except for when the “brand” that defines a country starts to lose the very identity that made it a cultural icon. This week I find myself working outside of the office, doing some training and interacting with one of the Car Dealerships that I support and while there I am required to take a full 1 hour lunch so I figured on my first day I would head out and over to the local Tim Horton’s (which by the way there are 3 within a stones throw of the dealership) and try to enjoy a little down time…but the second that I arrived in the door I was greeted by what can only be described as a hostile … Read more