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OS Sunday – What's the Point?

For some time I have been exploring the world of Linux from the perspective of trying to find the ultimate desktop.  This has been more than a little bit of a challenge as there are so many solid choices out there and as soon as you go beyond the big names like Ubuntu, Mint Linux, Open SUSE and Fedora, the quality varies greatly but it is that very choice that has me heading out week after week to find one that I can stay with for the long term. This week I looked at and found a distribution based on Debian Linux that uses the Mate Desktop and at initial glance seemed to fit the bill as something that I could live with. Point Linux comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors and in both Core and Full versions so I decided to give the Full version in 64-bit a try.  The direct download of 993 MB was a good size although I do kind of miss the days when the groups that produce these versions of Linux at least tried … Read more

Microsoft's Marching Orders a Sign of a Different Company?

I have purposely avoided weighing in on the email that the new CEO of Microsoft sent out to his employees earlier this month because I wanted to sit back and gauge some of the reactions from around the Tech World.  If you have been under a rock or out of cell range for the last little bit…Microsoft is letting go of 18,000 employees globally (mostly in the Nokia Division). I never thought that I would be a fan or even like using Windows or any Microsoft product that I wasn’t forced to when having to use it in a work environment but having experienced some of the good things (there are a few) of  Windows 8 and Office 2013, I can say that as far as usability and function…I kinda like the new layout.  Metro is really not all that bad and with Windows 8.1 you really don’t even notice it all that much as I live most of my life in the regular desktop anyways. But back to the memo that was sent out, I remember not too long … Read more

Throwback Thursday – The Cloud's Humble Beginnings

I have always been intrigued by the ability of Business Leaders to be convinced that the “next big thing” is actually new and shiny.  Cloud Computing or “The Cloud” is one of those things that I have never quite understood how it became such a catch phrase that had IT and Business Leaders wondering how they would be able to catch up and be safe.  Sure the ability to transport data across many hundreds of miles of Fibre Optic Lines has enabled the concept to expand to the level it is at now…but when we take a Step Back say 50 years…the Cloud has always been with us. Back in the day, long before the proliferation of PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones was a world that had was built around Terminal Workstations and Mainframe computers.  This to me in its purest sense is a form of Cloud Computing…sure it was not raining Data but it did enable companies like IBM, Hitachi and Cray to empower business to do more, faster and more efficiently. The connection of the Workstation to a … Read more

Free App Friday – Getting In Touch With…

Free App Friday – Getting In Touch With…

So one of the great downfalls of being well connected is the vast number of Contacts that end up in your phone’s Directory.  Between Social Networks, family and the random people that I decide to add to my list (from the Las Vegas Conference I attended in February I think I added 50-75 Contacts) I now have a nearly endless list of contacts, many of which are duplicated because the standard People App on my Nexus 4 isn’t quite smart enough to figure that the same Name and Phone Number are actually the same person. Contacts+ is available for iOS and Android and what impressed me right away was the fact that it is not just a Contact Manager it is a Dialer and Text Messaging App as well and I had been in search of one (see Free App Friday – Texting with Android). The App connects to your Facebook and Google+ accounts to pull down profile pictures for you and is really easy to use which is a real plus as at this point in my life, I … Read more

Waking up to Complacency – And Saying "ENOUGH"

There is truly nothing worse than realizing that your life has been filled with wrong turns, mistakes and bad decisions.  Don’t get me wrong, as much as the changes that are going on in my life are painful and challenging…I don’t think that I would change a thing because I would not have become who I am today without those challenges.  It is not a fault of any one decision or path that I have taken.  It is not because of a single person or action that has taken me to the point that the time for change must happen now. I became complacent with the things that I had achieved.  Sure I was always striving for MORE but more does not always mean that.  I forgot about balance, and that lack of balance changed the dynamic that I live in.  If forced a change in me and those closest to me that I didn’t want but now realize truly deserved. It is funny, I think back to my summers as a kid, hanging out at my Grandparents farm.  Going … Read more

Infographic of the Week – 10 Jobs that Didn't Exist

As I find myself on the outside looking in at what my future will hold (despite the cathartic benefit of saying goodbye to the stress of Sales)…I wonder and think of my daughter who is preparing for her future.  New roles and jobs and careers are popping up all the time and when I came across this Infographic by I just couldn’t resist. by taniacreative. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.   Cheers, Krispy

Throwback Thursday – Tech the World has Lost Pt 3

Being born in 1972 gave me a unique experience of seeing the technology revolution that we have lived with over the past 4 decades first hand.  I have lived through the birth, growth and decline of the personal computer, I have been through 4 evolutions of music portability and have witnessed the first hand the power of mobile communications explode before my very eyes.  But Throwback Thursday is all about Tech that I really loved and miss deeply, this week I look to the Walkman.  For me in 1985, completing middle school and seeing my friends with this portable cassette player for the first time, I knew that I had to have one! The Walkman and the numerous imitators (that were often far more affordable) were all the craze throughout the 80’s.  It meant for me as a teenager I did not have to have my stereo blaring (although I still did) and I could take my mixed tapes with me anywhere I wanted. I had amassed a rather substantial cassette collection over the years that until recently had lived … Read more

Infographic of the Week – The Growth of Social

There is still some apprehension from business leaders who seem to hold onto the old style of doing business a little too closely.  The Growth of Social Networking/Marketing/Media is not something that can be ignored by anyone.  This week’s Infographic is from The Search Engine Journal and it is a great illustration to business professionals everywhere to really take a hard look at what your plan for Social in 2014 and beyond is going to be.  The Conversation is truly king…why not embrace that! Source: The Growth of Social Media v2.0 [INFOGRAPHIC] Cheers, Krispy

I'm Lost Without Zite!

Before all the Flipboard fans out there jump all over me about some of the negative statements I may make here about their beloved App that feeds them their daily news content…I am not a fan, never have been…I just don’t get it…not at all.  I fell in love with Zite, an app that gave me the right amount of information, in the right doses and let me formulate what I would post about in record time. Since it was announced that Flipboard was purchasing Zite…I have been at a loss.  I re-installed Flipboard and tried to get behind the new master and I just don’t like how it is laid out, how it sanitizes what I want to look at and fails to give me as many options to find the content that actually interests me.  It is a sad day indeed, as I find myself having to resort back to Google and the Hunt and Peck method of content ingestion. What erks me about the Flipboard purchase is that they have all but stated that it is the … Read more

Engagement and Training…a Match Made in Heaven

Engagement and Training…a Match Made in Heaven

Study after study shows that one of the top drivers for Employee Engagement (a leading factor in Employee Retention and Company Profitability/Productivity) is in providing them with real and effective training. In fact, according to a 2011 study by the National Research Business Institute, 23 percent of your own employees will leave their positions this year siting the lack of development and training as a primary cause. This is a global issue as the workforce is hit with the new generation of Millennials who have a different set of expectations from employers than the Boomers and the Gen X that I belong to.  A report from the UK shows that Productivity and Engagement can be directly linked to the investment in Training and Development…so why is it that over the past decade employers have been looking at this as an unneccessary expense? From my own experience, it is usually the case that employee training is focused at the supervisory and management levels in hopes that there can be a net cost benefit and that the information is “downloaded” to the … Read more

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